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Opportunity: the mini kart by Parolin


It's called "mini", but in truth it’s a class in which the competition is "maxi", with lots of drivers on the starting grid and a high level of competitiveness. Therefore, to aim for success you need a top-of-the-line, technological and painstakingly prepared chassis, just like the karts in the higher classes. The Opportunity model by Parolin Racing Kart is exactly that. Let's take a look

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Ackermann’s steering geometry


Kart steering is far more complex than a simple system for turning the front wheels on a bend. Its operation uses the Ackermann system: a revolutionary solution invented and patented in 1817 to optimise the direction of the front tyres and, consequently, driving around a bend.

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Adjusting the track width


The front and rear track widths are fundamental parameters that determine much of the set-up of a kart. Doctor TKART explains how to adjust them, what to check and some useful tricks.

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