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Incredible, competing (and winning) in rallies at 9 years of age … and in karts!

Still not 10 years old, but a great talent that is far superior to his physical prowess, since he is still a child: Tomass Stolcermanis is a young driver who has his eye on Mick Panigada’s Energy races.
Born in Riga, Latvia, on 28 May 2007, Tomass has already, and several times, made his mark in his “career” as a kart driver at home (winning the 2016 Latvian Republic Championship in the Micro Max class, winning the Latvian Republic Championship stage in the Mini Max class, third in the Baltic States Championship) and he made his debut in international karting by participating in the recent edition of the Winter Cup in Lonato.

But it is not so much these results that astonished firstly the staff of Energy, and then, inevitably, all the fans, but the fact that … Tomass also drives cars!

That’s right, because the young Latvian, provided with equipment that allows him to reach the pedals, launches himself with the nonchalance of a veteran on wet and icy asphalt curves.

And not just for the sake of doing it, but also competing with the best, as certified by his second place in the “333 Winter Cup Latvia”.

Watch the videos below to believe it…

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