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The new “USA” exhaust for the Honda engine


Elto Racing, a leader in the design and implementation of exhausts for two-stroke engines, makes its debut on the American market with a USA silencer for the Honda engine. It does so, also and for the first time, by introducing carbon.

The Honda CR-125 is a widely-used engine in Skusa (SuperKarts USA) races in the United States.

It is so widespread that the Italian Elto Racing has decided to use all its know-how and experience to export a specifically designed product for this engine across the ocean, thereby positioning itself as a valid alternative for everything involving exhaust systems and silencers.


In addition: Elto is also the first company to introduce carbon fibre in exhaust systems on the American market.

Elto’s goal for the new USA silencer was to make a high quality product with similar characteristics to those already used on Honda CR-125 engines.

It was therefore able to introduce itself to its new customers with a solution that would immediately adapt to the engine, without the need for major changes.

This is the reason the geometries of the Elto silencer share the standards of the products already present on the market.


The new USA silencer is the first Elto for the Honda CR-125 engine, which is used in the United States in the Skusa shifter racing classes.

There are 2 solutions available, made of aluminium or carbon fibre composite.

The silencer is a particularly complex accessory to design, since on the one hand it is required to reduce exhaust particles and noise, while on the other hand its presence, which chokes the exhaust pipe, has a negative effect on performance.

In a sport in which hundredths of a second count, it is easy to understand how important it is to choose the right silencer, taking into account the many adjustable parameters that can noticeably affect engine performance: these include the external diameter, the shape and diameter of the inner liner, the choice of filter wool, the materials and the spacers used.

By concentrating on the materials and geometries, Elto has managed to produce 4 different silencers for the Honda CR-125 engine.


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