2020 OK and OKJ World Championship in Brazil, now it’s official: the first details are revealed

2020 OK and OKJ World Championship in Brazil, now it’s official: the first details are revealed

With today’s official announcement, Felipe Massa scores another important personal victory at the helm of the CIK-FIA: the FIA ​​Karting World Championship OK and OKJ 2020 will take place in Brazil. A move strongly wanted to make karting a truly global movement, moving its center of gravity, at least for this occasion, away from Europe.

A few weeks ago, an important meeting between the CBA, the authorities of the state of San Paolo and Massa himself left very little room for doubt over which location was going to be picked to host the event.

From the Circuit Mika Salo in Alahärmä, where the 2019 world championships are underway, the owner of the Kartódromo Speed ​​Park circuit in Birigui (state of San paolo), home of the next world championship, Ricardo Gracia (in Finland also to follow his son who races in the OK category wit Parolin) has provided some important details on timing and ways in which everything will be carried out.

First of all, the dates: the first karting world championships on Brazilian soil will be held over the weekend from 14 to 18 October 2020. An unusual time frame, therefore, as it was with the World Championships in Bahrain, but it will not make much difference because the logistical needs will require teams and drivers to make their arrangements in time.

At least according to the deadlines set by the “basic package” with which the FIA, at its own expense,  decided to support the teams when it comes to move their equipment overseas. The deal includes the transport of two engines, by plane, which will be completed within eight days, and two chassis. The latter will instead be transferred by cargo-ship, with the departure date is already set for September 10th.
All the material will be handled by specialized companies, such as DHL, and the Federation itself will cover the cost of insurance in the event of damages or any other inconvenience.
This schedule, therefore, let us think that there will be enough time for the drivers to get to know the circuit properly, perhaps with a feature race one or two weeks before as it is almost common practice.

In addition to logistic costs, the FIA ​​has decided to financially support the participants by paying up to 5 days for food and accommodation of each driver and his/her mechanic (just one). Of course the travel expenses to Kartódromo Speed ​​Park are also included, while the Brazilian government will make sure that there are no problems as far as safety is concerned.

The last anticipation is about the trophy that the world champions will bring home: it will be handed directly from the hands of Viviane Senna, sister of Ayrton. This already speaks volumes about the resonance that the FIA ​​Karting World Championship will have in Brazil and about the great work carried out by Felipe Massa to promote the event and make sure that it had all the possible support, both from the authorities and the media: the tv rights of the event were in fact purchased by the broadcaster Globo, which will certainly reserve an important space for its FIA Karting World Championship in its own schedule.