Good results for IPK team drivers in the challenging month of June

Good results for IPK team drivers in the challenging month of June

A particularly packed June for the IPK teams taking part in great international karting, the most engaged classes were the single-speed ones. OK and OKJ, in fact, both took to the track at Ampfing, for the European Championship, and at Lonato, for the first edition of the WSK Open Cup.

Sami Meguetounif (Formula K Racing Team) did not want to miss any of the events, putting himself in the spotlight both times: in Ampfing, after qualifying with a little difficulty, he fought tooth and nail for all 5 rounds. In Lonato, after having repeated the slightly subdued qualifications, he experienced a weekend in which he raised his game, finally recovering 26 positions in the pre-final and final: 10 to reach 15th place in the pre-final and 16 to finish 13th in the final.
Again in the WSK Open Cup, a comeback by Fabienne Lanz (Formula K Junior Team) in the OK class pre-final who, despite 3 seconds of penalties, rose by 11 positions.

In Germany, instead, in the OK, Jorge Pescador (Praga Racing Team) performed exceptionally well, even reaching 2nd place in a round, but failing, unfortunately, to give continuity to his results over the weekend.

For the KZ2 and Mini classes, there was slightly less effort, focusing solely on the Lonato WSK Open Cup.

The gear class was good news for IPK with Francesco Celenta (Praga Racing Team) and Jeremy Iglesias (Formula K Racing Team), absolute winners in the heats. After having scored, respectively, the 2nd and 3rd time in the qualifiers, the two of them won two heats each, as well as a 2nd (Celenta) and a 3rd (Iglesias) place, lifting them in the first two positions of the ranking after the heats. Iglesias then continued leading in the pre-final, finishing in 4th place, and in the final (7th), while Celenta left the scene, unfortunately unable to complete the pre-final.

Finally, a hefty presence in the Mini, with Joel Bergstrom (Formula K Junior Team) on form: for him, after excellent qualifiers and heats, always finishing in the top ten, he achieved 2nd place in the pre-final and finished 4th in the final.

A lot of character shown by Andrej Petrovic (Praga Junior Team), who recovered a total of 18 positions in the pre-final and final, finishing 16th.

A bit more difficulty, instead, for the in any case combatant Ariel Elkin (Formula K Junior Team – forced to stop in the pre-final after the excellent heats finished among the first 10), Wilmer Wallenstam (Formula K Junior Team) and Aleksander Bogunovic (Praga Junior Team).

The next international karting event for the IPK teams will see the KZ and KZ2 drivers on the track, once again at the South Garda in Lonato, on July 15th, for the second and decisive round of the FIA ​​Karting European Championship.