Karting gets the go-ahead from the authorities

Karting gets the go-ahead from the authorities

It seems that things are starting to return to normal also for karting. In fact, the order of the Lombardy region that gives the green light to individual outdoor sports activities, including all forms of motorsport, is dated 07/05 (the “go-kart” is expressly mentioned in the document of the Region, ” by way of example “as an outdoor sports activity).
Drivers and teams can therefore begin with the tests, provided, however, that the kart tracks managers enforce the new safety standards set by the authorities.

Limited entry, social distancing, movements only along planned paths and mandatory reservations will be the restrictions with which all teams and drivers, both professional and not, will have to learn to live with for the next few weeks.

All these cautions necessary to immediately highlight any critical issues that may arise with the presence of a large number of people inside a circuit, especially in view of the restart of the season scheduled for the summer.

Among the circuits involved in the order issued by the Lombardy region there is also South Garda Karting, one of the most relevant circuits for the whole karting scene, which has set the following rules for today’s reopening:

  • the track reopens for drivers with a valid ACI license
  • Reservations is mandatory, with confirmation to be displayed at the entrance of the paddock
  • The drivers will be split as follows: from 8:30 to 13:15 all 100 and 125 cc karts can take to the track, while from 14:30 to 19:15 only MINI will be allowed
  • Morning riders must leave the kart track before 1:55 pm while MINI categories will not be able to access the kart track before 2:00 pm