Rok Center Sicily 2019

Rok Center Sicily 2019

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The Rok Center Sicilia is born. The structure will dedicate itself to technical assistance and to the support of the pilots who will compete in the Rok Cup Sicilia. Coordination will be entrusted to Mr. Massimiliano Santonocito (Cell 3463084887 –

The Rok Center Sicily entrusted to Mr. Massimiliano Santonocito will devote himself exclusively to the promotion and development of all the Rok activities in the region, with particular attention to the area championship.
The initiatives that will be undertaken, which we will promptly provide information, will be multiple and will cover the promotional hiring of complete vehicles, or Rok engines only, as well as the provision of advice relating to the Rok Cup.
The Rok Center Sicilia, with a super partes structure, will have the role of supporting at most any initiative aimed at the growth of the Rok Cup and of all the riders who compete there.

The manager, Mr. Santonocito has many years of experience in the karting sector and showed us his program as a Rok Center:
“We will have complete Roks, with chassis and engine of all categories, so that we can immediately start the promotional activity, so riders will discover this fascinating world of the Rok Cup.
I think that the riders of my region should make known the different mentality that characterizes the Rok single-brand championship, so that they can understand how interesting it is to make competitions and championships in a single-brand like ours. “

In the region there was good feedback regarding the Rok Junior in 2018. What programs do you have about the categories to be developed?
“Certainly the Junior Rok will be a category that we will support and that will continue to be successful and numbers. In our promotional program we aim to raise awareness and spread the other Rok, Mini, Senior and Shifter categories as well. “

It will do a wide-ranging job that will require some effort and time. What are the most significant innovations that will introduce the presence of the Rok Center Sicilia?
“We will need time, but some news will be seen immediately. Among these, I want to push the Rok Shifter, an interesting category and little known in our country, which has considerable potential.
The other big news is us, as Rok Center. Having an impartial structure, whose task is to assist and give technical material is already a new factor. “

In the long run what results do you want to achieve?
“As said, it will not be a short job, let alone easy, but we want to spread all the Rok categories, without leaving any behind. The package that offers the Rok Cup with its categories is complete and should be developed as a whole. “