Stay with us through August

Stay with us through August

Here we are, just a few hours and we finally relax! Yet, we won’t let go completely, because the karting world never stops.

While this website will go on a short break (don’t worry, we’ll be back at the end of August update you with all the latest news on national and international karting), TKART Digital magazine will keep you company throughout the month, with issues 15 and 16

There’s more! With Issue 15, dedicated to our “dragster kart duel”, TKART lands in the USA to offer you advice, track tests, technical reviews and much more as promptly as ever. To do so have sealed a collaboration with the staff of Kart360 –our new American team to take TKART to the other side of the world!  

In case you don’t know (but you surely do!), as of January 2014, TKART chose a new way to communicate, becoming the first fully digital multimedia karting magazine, with bi-weekly publication! The last print issue of the magazine was Issue 20 /December 2013. Ever since then TKART has gone fully digital, on the web and mobile for tablets and smartphones*, to offer you a revolutionary interactive reading experience. Take a look at all the issues of TKART Digital 2014.

More news: 

we run constant tests on the interface and on magazine navigation  to bring you the best magazine we can. A few weeks ago we launched new Section Covers and a new Contents page with preview images of each article, estimated reading time, and “jump to” buttons to go directly to the piece you want to read.

As an example, here is the Contents page for Issue 15:

e per People:


Multimedia! TKART supports the advancement of the digital world in the publishing industry. It is not a leaf-through pdf, but a magazine supported by “native” technology so you can truly live the thrill of international karting.

Multichannel: read it when you want and where you want, on mobile devices or the web .

Captivating: it brings you only the best of karting from around the world.

TKART is the first interactive, multimedia digital karting magazine available on the web and mobile devices. 
The one and only, if you want to live the thrill of motorsport first hand. An exhilarating reading experience.


*Available on:

Apple iPhone
Apple iPad Mini & 1/2/3/4 Retina
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 / Tab 10.1
PC and Macintosh Platforms