What the the Rok Cup 2021 will look like

What the the Rok Cup 2021 will look like

The Rok 2021 season is full of events that will give all Rokkers the opportunity to choose their own challenges: the choice is yours!

There will be a great championship, the Rok Cup Italia, structured with several races that will take place as always on the most beautiful circuits in the area.

All the Rok categories will take to the track in all meetings of the Rok Cup Italia: Mini Rok, Junior Rok, Senior Rok, Expert Rok, Super Rok and Shifter Rok; all Rokkers will therefore have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated championship and compete for the title of category champion. Alongside the Rok Cup Italy there are also the groups of Rok Cup Area  Sud and Rok Cup Area  Sicily, with their respective calendars.

The Italian ACI ROK Championship will be a championship in itself and will take place over three weekends.

In the Italian ACI-Rok Championship, the Senior Rok and Junior Rok, with the Aci title, and the Mini Rok integrated into the ACI weekend program without having the title, will be involved, as already happened this year. For these 3 races of the Mini Rok a special Trophy will be set up with an award ceremony dedicated to it which will make it particularly significant.

The Rok Cup Superfinal will always be the most important and awaited event of the Rok season, the appointment that will see the challenge between all the Rokkers in the world.During the season, the rich program already on the calendar will be joined by other news and another prestigious international event.

In addition to the already announced news regarding the use of LeVanto tires, the Rok Cup confirms the regulatory stability that has always distinguished it.