WSK Euro Series, rd 2, Lonato: Finals – Kremers (KZ2), Antonelli (OK), Spina (OKJ), Nakamura-Berta (MINI) are the winners

In addition to the points for the championship classification of the WSK Euro Series, the finals of Round 2 of WSK Promotion awarded the winners of the OK and OKJ categories the title of Italian champion 2020.

KZ2: Kremers wins over Longhi and Viganò, for a podium entirely by Briel Art

Vega tires

  • Riccardo Longhi (Birel ART Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing) tries the whole race, but fails to overtake Marijn Kremers (Birel ART Racing – Ricciardo Kart – TM Racing) who thus wins the final of round 2. The Italian is mocked by the Dutch right at the start, when the latter manages to steal the first position from him. Despite a race that ends 5 tenths of a second delay for Longhi on Kremers, the Italian – author of the best lap – never manages to launch the attack.
  • Nice third place, to complete a podium entirely by Birel Art / TM Racing, for Matteo Viganò (Leclerc By Lennox Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing). Matteo recovers 4th position with respect to the starting grid, but at the end of the race he admits: “Even starting further ahead I would have finished third anyway.
  • Fourth place for Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport – KR – Iame) who for more than half the race occupies the third step of the podium, until the arrival of an irrepressible Viganò.
  • Jorrit Pex (KR Motorsport – KR – TM Racing), Mirko Torsellini (KR Motorsport – KR – Iame), Giuseppe Palomba (Birel ART Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing), Tom Leuillet (Prague) arrive in order from fifth to tenth place Kart Racing Team – Prague – TM Racing), Emilien Denner (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) and Alex Irlando (Birel ART Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing), all enclosed in 3 and a half seconds.


OK: Antonelli perfect and unstoppable

Tires: LeCont

  • Kimi Antonelli (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME) once again makes no mistake. Despite also the unexpected “slow” that eliminates his advantage over his pursuers, at the restart the Italian is phenomenal and leaves no hope for those who follow him.
  •  Joseph Turney (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) is just as good, but he finishes second without ever being able to attack. The two finish separated by 0.490 seconds and travel on the edge of the thousandth for the whole race. A race therefore without overtaking between the two, but very stressful for drivers and material.
  • Third place for Juho Valtanen (Pantano Team – KR – IAME) who takes the podium with decision, but by his own admission he did not have the pace to battle with the first two
  • The author of a good comeback is Luigi Coluccio (Kosmic Racing Department – Kosmic Kart – Vortex Engines): the Italian gains 9 positions from the starting grid and finishes fourth.
  • In fifth place we find Nikita Bedrin (Ward Racing – Tony Kart – Vortex). The Russian, also considering the fastest lap in the race, was perhaps the only one who could keep up with Antonelli and Turney, but the start from 5th position and a first lap that sees him finish in 9th, do not allow him to show everything its potential.
  • Sixth and seventh place Charlie Wurz (Exprit Racing Team – Exprit – Vortex) and Maya Weug (Birel Art Racing – Birel Art – TM Racing). The two reach a top 10 result after several races in which they showed their speed without realizing.
  • Dinalo Van T’off Matheus (Forza Racing – Exprit Kart – TM Racing), penalized by 5 seconds, James Wharton (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing) and Levi Revesz (KR Motorsport – closed the top ten in order) KR – IAME).


OKJ: Spina wins again

Tires: Vega

  • Ugo Ugochukwu (Sauber karting Team – KR – IAME) crossed the line first (author of the best lap in the race), but the winner of the race is Alfio Spina (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex). That’s right: the American is penalized by 10 seconds for jump start (he will be classified 13th), while Spina – aware of the penalty – is satisfied with second place at the finish line which earned him the victory.
  • The second place therefore goes to Brando Badoer (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), who started from pole. The Italian precedes Coskun Irfan (Ricky Flynn Motorsport – Kosmic Kart – Vortex), for the first time on the podium in a WSK series.
  • Nice race for Maxwell Dodds (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing) who finished 4th, ahead of a wild Arvid Lindblad (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), able to recover 9 positions from the starting grid.
  • The top 10 closes, in order: Harley Keeble (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex), Martinius Stenshorne (Rosberg Racing Academy – KR – IAME), Rashid Al-Dhaheri (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing), Nikola Tsolov (Dpk Racing – KR – IAME) and Douwe Dedecker (Dpk Racing – KR – IAME)


MINI: Nakamura-Berta stands out in the fight

Tires: Vega

  • It’s Kean Nakamura-Berta (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), at the end of a final hard fought, to soar. Despite the speed of the opponents, René Lammers (Baby Race Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) in the lead, the Japanese pilot once again when it comes to giving battle, is the best.
  • Second place for Lammers who finished 6 tenths from the winner, pressed by Kai Sorensen (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing) who, starting from pole, finished less than 1 tenth from the Dutch.
  • Fourth position, just 27 thousandths from the podium, for Jan Przyrowsky (AV Racing – Parolin – TM Racing) who precedes Maciej Gladysz (AV Racing – Parolin – TM Racing) and Mark Kastelic (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), author of the best lap in the race.
  • Seventh place for Antonio Apicella (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), who recovers 5 positions on the starting grid.
  • On the other hand, Christian Costya (CRG – CRG – TM Racing) is swallowed up by the tussle: the very young Spaniard started from 3rd position but finished 12th.


©Photo: Sportinphoto