Take a beautiful Italian circuit, add a pinch of suspense, a freakish weather, a spoon of conviviality and a ladle of sportsmanship and you will get the explosive cocktail of the X30 Challenge Europa, the race that has kept all its promises on the 7 Laghi Kart track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (ITA).
With 19 nationalities represented among the drivers and 4 among the staff, and with a 16% increase in the number of entrants, the X30 Challenge Europa confirms its leading position as the European event for X30 owners.

X30 Junior : with equal points with the second, but winner of the predominant Race 2, the French Milane Petelet wins the race ahead of the Belgian Gilles Magnus, winner himself of Race 1. Kenny Roosens, on his side, heads on the edge the Italian Danny Carenini and steps on the 3rd step of the podium. Among the revelations of the event, the South African Stuart White (6th), the Portuguese Bruno Ponte (9th) and the German Raspudic Luke (18th) are all worth of mention.

X30 Senior : joined at the last minute, Kevin Breysse takes revenge on fate and masterfully wins the title in front of Vincent Fraisse, excellent second, and Alexis Castellon, that comes out as a surprise. The fast Maxime Potty sees his aims fade away, while the Estonian Sten Dorian Piirimagi makes a strong impression.

X30 Master : after winning Race 1, the French Wilfried Lecarpentier, specialist of the endurance races and in particular of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, starts well to take Race 2 as well. Too bad a transmission problem stops his path to the title just a few miles from the finish line. Nicolas Duchateau, already winner of the 2013 edition, takes the great chance and wins the event ahead of Nicolas Cavalloni, recovering from down the lines, and Gregory Jolinet. The Finnish Mikko Laine finishes 4th with the same score of the second. On the side of surprises, the speed of the Brazilian cousins Jose and Antonio Ventre is worth of mention (1st and 2nd in the time qualifying).

X30 Super Shifter : the Belgian Jonathan Thonon easily wins Race 2 and the takes the final victory after difficult qualifying heats. The winner of Race 1, Patrik Hajek is forced to abandon in Race 2 and leaves the last steps of the podium to the both Italian Matteo Vigano and Federico Savona. Due to their status of professional drivers, the team mates Praga do not appear in the final classification and leave the joys of the podium … and the prize to the triplet Matteo Vigano, Federico Savona and Thierry Delre. The results of Amaury Bonduel and the great performance of the Portuguese Yohan Sousa and the young French Jean-Noël Sarfati are all worth of mention.