5 reasons to choose Briggs Kart

5 reasons to choose Briggs Kart

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If you are a fan of engines and karting in particular, winter is usually the season in which you plan the activity to be carried out in the year that is just starting.

For this reason, we have compiled a synthetic list to guide you through the reasons that could make you choose to race in the Briggs Kart Championship series, one of the most exciting new features of recent years. If you recognize yourself in these five reasons, then you are ready to hit the track with us.

KART AND LOW COST MAINTENANCE. the fun on the track is not proportional to how much you spend. But rather how it is spent. The CRG FS4 karts for adults and the MINI model for under 12s are sold complete with all accessories and tires at a promotional cost, approximately 50% lower than traditional competition karts. And thanks to the 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine that equips them, maintenance for an entire racing season is almost zero. By lowering purchase costs and running costs so much, the biggest barrier to running has effectively been broken.

CHAMPIONSHIP FORMAT. simplicity is the watchword for racing in the Briggs Kart Championship: the license can be done on the track and the entry fee is the lowest in the karting scene. But above all, the race program is all scheduled on a single day, allowing you to avoid hotels and travel costs for drivers and teams. In the morning there are 4 free practice sessions and in the afternoon the race program with qualifying tests and 2 Finals (Race 1 and Race 2). Furthermore, compared to the 7 stages scheduled for a total of 14 races (2 per event), it is possible to discard 2 results avoiding taking part in the most distant trips or to which it is impossible to go. And every day of competition is thrilling, with many drivers on the track driven mainly by the desire to have fun, but without giving up the healthy competition guaranteed by an attentive and professional Race Management, in-depth technical checks and excellent services, such as Live Timing of timekeeping. , the official speaker and the rankings updated in real time.

SERVICE. The promotion of the Championship is managed by two international companies such as CRG and Briggs & Stratton, which means timely customer service and quality in every planned activity. But the official teams also play a decisive role in terms of service, which can offer assistance packages tailored to your needs: from transport and storage of the kart, to overhauls and the supply of mechanics for the races. Some teams also offer a kart rental service, should you wish to try a race before buying your personal kart.

DRIVING EXPERIENCE. The categories must be divided into two macro-groups: on the one hand the classes for adults (Junior, Senior and Master) and on the other the Mini for children from 7 to 12 years. The adult classes rank between high-end rental karts and 2-stroke karts for performance but, thanks to the free set up and a 100% Racing chassis with magnesium accessories and very low weight, they offer a very satisfying driving experience even for the most experienced and demanding pilots. The Mini class, on the other hand, using the same engine as the adult categories, even expresses the same power and performance as the Mini 2-stroke categories and represents an excellent low cost school for children who want to take their first competitive steps in karting.

VALUE OF USED. Buying a kart from the Briggs range means owning a vehicle that, unlike the National categories, does not expire for approval every year and maintains an excellent second-hand value. A Briggs kart can be used in racing for several seasons and, if you wanted to sell it at the end of the season, you would recover more than 50% of the initial cost. At the moment, Briggs karts are among the most requested on online sites and it is very difficult to find them available as the demand is higher than the offer.

For more information on the Briggs Kart sales network, you can visit the dedicated section of the official website (www.briggskartchampionship.com) or write to the Championship Organizing Secretariat: info@briggskartchampionship.com