Rosberg Racing Academy – Antonelli and Barnard are WSK Open Cup Champions!

Rosberg Racing Academy – Antonelli and Barnard are WSK Open Cup Champions!


Impressive week end for the Rosberg Racing Academy at Castelletto di Branduzzo, for the second round of the WSK Open Cup! Both Antonelli and Barnard won the WSK Open Cup title in OKJ and OK!
This week end our drivers have been joined on track by Nico Rosberg! The Formula 1 World Champion has had the pleasure to come see with his eyes the amazing progresses achieved by his team, and took the chance to speak largely about the technical developments of this year. Nico also spent some time talk with the drivers about some of his best tips and tricks to be successful in the world of racing.

OKJ winner, Andrea Kimi Antonelli:
“It’s been another great week end for us and we made it to bring this title home! This week end we used two different chassis for wet and dry conditions, always trying new things, looking for improvements. Dino has been so good, as always, it’s been great to work with him this year; he’s the one who gets things done and finishes the set-up, and he really knows what he does!
I wasn’t expecting Nico to come here and join us at this week end! I’ve been very happy to meet him and we’ve had the chance to chat a little; we talked a lot about some technical aspects of karting, and he’s really interested in what we do here!
I have to thank Rosberg Racing Academy, Ravenol, Kart Republic and all of my sponsors for the amazing support.

OK winner, Taylor Barnard:
It’s been a very good week end! In the final I got pushed wide at the start, so I had to recover, and fortunately we had a great pace, so I just got all of them, one by one. In the end, we won the championship, and that’s all I really care about.
Nico is a really cool guy! It’s been nice to have him with us this week end and I want to thank him for the help, along to the Roscberg Racing Academy team, Ravenol and Kart Republic.

Rosberg Racing Academy Manager, Flavio:

We had a very solid week end, with amazing performances from all drivers! Antonelli has been great and fast all time, and his race was simply perfect; he won his second race in a row, and seize this title!
I’m really happy about our new OKJ driver Stenshorne; he pulled a solid performance and made it to finish 5th, recovering from a contact he had at the start. It was all he needed to finish third in this series, so we have two drivers in the top 3 of this championship!
Taylor Barnard recovered brilliantly during the heats, after a complicated qualifying session, and won the pre-final. Starting on pole in the final, he has been touched and slipped back to P7, having to recover. He then finished second and that was enough to win this WSK Open Cup! He’s definitely doing great and he’s ready to fight for the win next season!

KR General Manager, Dino Chiesa:

Very good week end overall! Kart Repubilc won the title in all three classes, so the result is pretty impressive!
Very good performance in OKJ, where Antonelli jumped on P1 and Stenshorne completed the championship podium for us.
Barnard finished second in OK, with a very nice come back after a contact he had at the start, and won the title.