The best karter in F1: TKART 5 is online!


The best karters in F1

TKART N.5: a content-packed issue, where you can read our detailed review of the opening round of the WSK Super Master Series held in Adria with our weekend analysis, driver report cards, our virtual manufacturers’ cup, plus room for the “tire polemic“; or you can find out who and how the “people of karting” elected as the best karter in today’s Formula 1 line-up and review what yesteterday’s karting talents are doing today. And then? We bring you an exclusive interview with Justin Stefani, founding partner of J3 Competition, one of the strongest teams in North America; we let Terry Fullerton tell you about his new kart and we turn the spotlight on Marta Ariza, the first woman to take the wheel of an F1 Ferrari and… tons of news, race reports from around the globe, and much more!

In short, you can see, hear, and do tons of things. Exactly, we want you actively involved!

That’s right, because as of today you can interact with TKART like never before thanks to our latest feature: the EXTRA CONTENT PAGE. From now on, our articles have an icon in the bottom right corner: if it flashes, it means that you can turn your ipad/tablet/cell phone in vertical view and access extra content for that article: video galleries, photo galleries, website links. Not only, you can “like” content and share it with your friwnds in the social universe and discuss with the journalist and other readers and become an expert on the topic at hand.

Welcome in the new era of TKART, the only digital magazine that is fully interactive and where, thanks to MAG3 technology, YOU are the star!

what are you waiting for, come discover the “new” TKART, we’re waiting for you in Issue 5!!