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First Analysis | JV1: the first TAG/OK by Jacques Villeneuve

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The chassis intended for the Junior and Senior single-speed classes marks the official debut of world champion Jacques Villeneuve. The product range then extends to two other models: JVR (for the Mini class) and JV6 (for the gear class). All made in Italy by TBKART who have realised the RaceLab and Kartplex project

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The JV1 is the only chassis in the JV range with 30 mm tubes (the JVR has 28 mm tubes, while the JV6 has 32 mm). This body takes its shape, from a design and technical point of view, from the S55 TBKART model (which you can read about in the Under Review article). The project was started in 2009 and has evolved from year to year, reaching the current specifications. that the JV1 has made its own. The chassis of the Canadian F1 world champion has a structure that performs at its best on tracks with little rubber or with little grip (just like those of the North American and American tracks where it will mainly be used). The steel tubes the body is made of are laser cut and shaped using a computerised numerical control (CNC) tube bender. They are then manually welded using wire welding, based on TBKART  design and construction welding templates. The height of the chassis varies by changing the position of two 3.5 mm thicknesses at the front (thus having 7 mm total movement), while at the rear there are lower bearing plate supports compared to the JV6 model intended for shifter classes and fastened by 4 screws (against the 6 of the JV6), which allow a total modification margin of 15 mm. The multi-hole ring must be used to adjust the camber and caster which has 4 adjustment possibilities: neutral, half a degree, one degree and one and a half degrees.

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