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How To | 6 quick ways for the maintenance of the IAME X30 engine

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12 September 2019
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The Iame X30 is one of the most popular single-speed engines in the world, thanks to the guarantee of the Iame name, a company that has literally made the history of karting, the widespread diffusion of the single-brand Championship dedicated to it and, above all, the quality of a product which combines reliability and performance. As in all engines, it must always be at the top of its performance, the X30 must be “taken care of”.  We are not talking about the ordinary maintenance which concerns the piston and the internal components such as connecting rod, crankshaft, etc., but of all those secondary elements that can affect its reliability and performance. With the help of an expert technician, let’s see the main interventions that should be performed.


Many times it is the simplest components that create engine problems. One above all: the reed valves. Located inside the reed valve pack, these are tabs which, with their movement, allow the intake of the air/fuel mixture according to the engine cycle. Being subjected to very high oscillation frequencies, it is not uncommon for them to end up being worn out, deformed or completely broken down with obvious damaging consequences for the engine. It is therefore necessary to periodically check their status.
This is a simple operation which requires only the disassembly of the air filter and carburetor before removing the reed valve pack. Then, it is necessary to remove the “petal” from the insert and check its status by placing it in front of a light source to more easily identify any cracks and replace any compromised reed valves. Once reassembled, it must be checked that at “rest”, they close correctly in support of the reed valve pack.

Check that the reed valves close the corners while resting on the support

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