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Must Have | 4 clever solutions for the management of mini karts

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31 May 2021

Browsing under the Energy Corse tent of the official team during the event in Lonato (round 4) of the WSK Super Master Series 2021, we came across Alfie Slater’s kart, looked after by the highly experienced mechanic, Simone Sorio (with whom we have already published the article “Expert advice – Simone Sorio: the perfect management of the 60 MINI kart”). We noticed several clever, curious and perhaps manic solutions to get to know and then perhaps make your own.



When the ambient temperature rises, maintaining the correct operating temperatures in the air-cooled MINI engines becomes crucial. Overheating is always and in any case detrimental to the life-cycle of the engine and its components. If, while the engine is in use, the head and cylinder fins, that have the task of dissipating heat, are struck by the air the engine maintains its correct operating temperature unless there are abnormal climatic or mechanical conditions. Once the kart stops at the end of a session on the track, the temperatures rise for a few minutes (because they are no longer affected by the fresh air), before starting to drop. A refinement to avoid this thermal shock to the engine’s various elements can be the use of the DeWalt air blower, suitably modified so that its base can remain anchored to the rear bumper and the air duct is perfectly directed towards the engine head and cylinder. It can be attached to a kart immediately after the end of a session to avoid the inevitable momentary increase in temperature.

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