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Once in a Lifetime | The man who beat Lewis Hamilton in karting

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There is an Englishman who can claim to have beaten who is rightly called, along with a certain Michael Schumacher, the man of F1 records. This guy does not have a seat in the highest Formula and does not have millions of fans on Instagram. To tell the truth, he does not even race anymore. This is not the story of the predestined young man, but rather a different and strange story. It is the story of Colin Brown

A first and last name which seem made to be at the top of the F1 GP standings. Olive complexion, permanently tanned, and blue eyes perfect for the female fans and selfies on today’s social networks. Then an amazing speed when he is behind the wheel of a kart, all wrapped up in that right foot that is able to getting behind Lewis Hamilton, his peer and fellow countryman, who are now rewriting the records in F1, snatching every first place from a certain Michael Schumacher. This, in a nutshell is Colin Brown, British and born in 1982. Someone who does not even look for a steering wheel to race anymore. Someone who is basically done with racing. Someone, though, in 2000 achieved something sensational in karting.
Braga, Portugal, September 10th, 2000. Colin Brown, driver for the private team Rambo owned by Fabiano Belletti, with Top Kart equipment and Parilla engines, prepared by Nordikas of Gianni Piazza, wins the World Championship in the Formula A category 100. And if the winning of a private team in front of the officials is not enough to make this sensational, just read the drivers’ standings on the grid to understand that the victory will always have a special value.

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