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Tech Focus | AP06 Mini: the 2020 mini-kart brake system by Parolin Racing Kart

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09 May 2020
The new Parolin Racing Kart brake system dedicated to the MINI category and mounted on the Opportunity chassis features a monobloc rear caliper machined from a solid block with radial attachment.

Parolin Racing Kart, in recent years, has established itself as the benchmark for the Mini category thanks to the performance and victories of the Opportunity chassis. The 2020 homologation, the first of the newly CIK-FIA “certified” version for the 60 Mini class, did not examine the proof of the consolidated assurances of the chassis, allowing Parolin’s technicians to focus on developing a totally new brake system. Compared to the previous Mini AP-Race model, the AP06 Mini is distinguished by an increase in rigidity and a decrease in torsion during braking, without neglecting reliability, an essential parameter for a brake system.

For the development of the new Mini AP06 brake system, Parolin Racing Kart made use of the experienced gained in the homologation of the AP06 model dedicated to the single-speed and shifter categories. The brake caliper, in fact, derives directly from the front version of the KZ system. The main feature of the system is the braking modulation offered to the drivers, an important element when the kart needs immediate braking while maintaining controlled driving when cornering. Cornering speed is a prerogative of the MINI category, where engines are equipped with lower horsepower and smoothness is essential to achieve a great overall performance.
The new caliper which, as said, is derived directly from the front of the brake system for the AP06 shifter categories, it has significantly increased its rigidity qualities compared to the previous version which consisted of two assembled half-shells. The 2020 model, in fact, is CNC machined from a solidblock of material, accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter. Inside it, two 27 mm magnetic pistons control the pads braking strength on the disc. The increase in rigidity is not the only objective achieved by Parolin’s technicians as, thanks to a very pronounced tapering, the AP06 Mini caliper offers better cooling and, above all, a decrease in weight. Another advantage compared to the previous AP-Race model (CSAI homologation) is lower maintenance due to the absence of the half-shells fastening screws and the sealing O-rings. The complete redesign of the oil channels inside the caliper has also facilitated the bleeding of the brake which, being a monobloc caliper, is now only conducted once.
An important innovation compared to the Mini AP-Race model (CSAI homologation) is the caliper’s attachment which now features a radial version instead of the previous axial attachment model. This modification has made it possible to limit the torsion during braking, thus increasing the overall performance of the system. The brake disc is floating and self-ventilated, it also has a diameter of 150 mm with holes on the surface for greater heat dissipation capacity during braking.

    The AP06 brake system approved by Parolin Racing Kart in 2020 features monobloc calipers with a radial attachment, floating and self-ventilated 150 mm discs, a monobloc master cylinder and three types of brake pads that are available.

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