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Tech Focus | CCS: IPK’s new take on camber and caster

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16 February 2016
The manufacturer of Praga and OK1 chassis has developed a new, futuristic system to adjust camber and caster. Let’s look at it in detail

Camber and caster are so important for set-up that manufacturers are always investing signifcant time and money to develop easier and more precise adjustment systems. A prime example is the new CCS (Camber Caster System) by IPK, introduced on Praga and OK1 team karts a few months ago and, based on the excellent results obtained on track, now ready to hit the market.


Adjusting camber and caster separately: this is the key function of the CCS. Already seen something like this? “Sure, our Sniper system, which was made with the same materials,” says IPK. So what’s new? Basically, the fixed washer and spherical spacer on the top end (see the render to the side). The two parts are designed to fit together: the first being conical, the other being spherical on the top end. This solution allows the stub axle spacers and the spindle pin to remain aligned as the work together, regardless of how camber and caster are adjusted. In other words, there is constant support along the entire surface, for precise and steady braking at all times.

The CCS is designed to adapt perfectly to the IPK chassis that are already on the market, so all that customers have to do on thier kart is replace the old system with the new one, keeping everything else as is, including heights.

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