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Tech Focus | Dynamica, the aerodynamic Parolin bodywork for minikarts

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09 April 2020
On the occasion of the first CIK-FIA approval for plastics in the MINI class, Parolin Racing Kart has developed the new Dynamica Mini kit, starting from the shape of the model with the same name, twice world champion in the OK class.

In the past, the evolution of Minikart fairings did not directly follow the developments the upper classes. More than anything else, it was a question of cost: the main objective of containing the costs of the final product meant that less attention was paid to accessories intended for karts for younger drivers, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. With the growth of the class, all the main companies started to invest more time and resources to improve their products, from chassis to accessories. Fairings were part of this logic and the Dynamica Mini kit, presented by Parolin Racing Kart with its Eurostar accessory brand, fully demonstrates the great work that has been carried out.

In order to develop the new kit for the Mini, Parolin Racing Kart started from the Dynamica model designed to improve the aerodynamic penetration of higher-class karts. To adapt the shapes to the needs of the minikart, the Italian company developed 3D drawings and subsequently produced some models in Depron (a variant of versatile and economical polystyrene) machined using CNC machinery and in 1: 1 scale, in order to test the overall sizes and the shape of all the components.
In the Dynamica Mini kit, the spoiler reproduces the shapes of the senior model: rounded at the front, with the function of protecting the feet area from the impact of the air. The lowering of the shape of the nose on the sides was designed to channel more linear air flows towards the important areas of the kart, improving its performance: on the right side it allows a greater supply of fresh air in the direction of the kart’s engine, essential for improving the cooling (air) of the 60 Mini engines. The lowering of the shape on the left side was less important, but still helps the efficiency of the braking system. The Dynamica Mini front spoiler is not a reduced copy of the Dynamica, but follows its own development, as can be seen by looking at the upper surfaces of the two right and left ends: here the shape of the plastic is not flat, but forms a curve to avoid air directly impact against the front wheels.
In addition to the aerodynamic aspect, the main focus in the development of the Dynamica Mini was shock absorption, decisive to keep young drivers safe in the event of an accident. The merit of the protection provided by the kit has also been confirmed with flying colours by the severe crash tests imposed by the International Federation.

    The new Dynamica Mini kit reproduces and improves the shapes of the Parolin Dynamica kit designed for higher class karts

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