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Tech Focus | OXiTECH MINI, the top-quality wheels by AMV

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11 September 2020
Low controlled pressure casting and the OXiTECH treatment are the strengths of the Italian company in the processing of magnesium which now offers a product line dedicated to Mini karts

The MINI category is the starting point for younger kids who dream of a future in motorsports at higher levels. In 2020, the International Karting Commission FIA wanted to bring together all the homologations, which were previously only national, under a single technical regulation, thus opening the door to a new international class, the MINI. AMV, a company specialized in the manufacturing of components for karting, has produced a new series of wheels dedicated to this category. The use of magnesium, previously not allowed in the 60cc motorized category, has allowed the Italian company to apply its knowledge and expertise in terms of top-quality processing and an innovative treatment which protects magnesium against corrosion and wear.

Being able to make the most of the characteristics of the tires is essential to achieve good performance. Departing from this concept, valid in all divisions of motorsports, it is simple to understand the importance of wheels, components directly in contact with the tires. As analyzed in the article “The right wheels to mount on the kart based on the grip on the track”, as the shape and material of wheels change, so does the performance of the tires, both in terms of lap time and of their overall lifespan. Knowing these dynamics very well, AMV has manufactured several front and rear wheels to optimize the kart setup also in the Mini category.
Before discovering the new AMV wheels for the MINI category in detail, it is proper to analyze the particular production techniques that improve the products of the Italian company. The casting, carried out directly by AMV, boast a controlled low-pressure technology to improve the characteristics of the wheel. This provides a minimum porosity to the material which, consequently, does not require the wheel to be painted. A process usually necessary to fill the micro holes and avoid air leaks. Avoiding painting the magnesium wheel is important to keep its heat transfer characteristics unaltered. Painting, in fact, creates an insulating layer which reduces the ability to dissipate the wheels’ heat, thus decreasing the performance of the tires over time.

    The range of AMV magnesium wheels for the MINI category boasts top-quality workmanship and an innovative treatment against corrosion and wear of magnesium.

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