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Tech Focus | Parolin’s new hubs and bearing housings

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03 February 2016
The latest fruit of Parolin’s research and development efforts on chassis components, with an eye to weight reduction and innovative materials
Designed for weight-reduction, an ever more important aspect in categories like the KF and the KFJ, the new housings are carved from solid metal and feature two “ears” on the caliper side. This element replaces helps with rear caliper assembly and replaces the additional component once installed here with the same function.
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The new housings are available both in magnesium and aluminum. The magnesium version is intended specifically for racing chassis; it is treated for high-resistance, has a gold finish, and weighs 180 grams. The aluminum version comes in either black, gold, or titanium finish and weighs 311 grams.
The new hubs are fruit of several development goals, including but not limited to weight-reduction. In fact, while the magnesium model is especially light, just 260 grams, the aluminum model is made of an innovative alloy containing a high percentage of magnesium that is lighter than standard aluminum, but more flexible than pure magnesium. Parolin customers can thus now adjust rear-end set-up by opting for either rigid hubs (magnesium) that guarantee more grip, or soft hubs (aluminum alloy) that yield more glide. Weight is a minor difference between the two models, 260 grams/magnesium versus 300 grams/aluminum. In fact, what magnesium gives in terms of inherent lightness, it also takes away in terms of sturdiness, requiring a compensation in terms of thickness.
The special aluminum alloy with high-magnesium content developed by Parolin is definitely an innovative solution for hubs that are at the same time light and flexible, representing one more element of chassis set-up adjustment.
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