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Tech Focus | RS NEW: the new kart radiator from New Line Racing for 2020

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05 November 2019
The Italian company, a leader in the production of kart radiators, unveils a new model in its extensive range. The objective is twofold: to improve cooling and facilitate installation on the kart

Like all kart accessories, despite the fundamental simplicity of its task (lowering the water temperature), the radiator is also a product of continuous research. New Line Racing knows this all too well and, over the years, has become a point of reference in this field. True to its role, the Italian company has further developed its flagship model with several, interesting, new features.

New Line Racing kart radiators are completely handmade and 100% made in Italy. Depending on the model, the production of a single piece can require an average of 4 to 6 hours of processing: times due in great part to manual welding carried out by specialist engineers and a production chain that is scrupulously observed in every phase. Right up to the control tests. Another important aspect is the continuous research and development work which, based on data from the track and experience gained with the top teams, is then applied to production.
One of the main goals that New Line set for its "RS NEW" was to optimise cooling. To do so, it designed an internal structure that makes the most of the size of the radiator core by dividing it in two and thus allowing the water to stay longer inside the radiator. Looking at the radiator from behind, the water enters from the right side (at the top), descends through the first radiator core, then rises through the external pipe towards the other radiator core, passes through it and comes out from below (to the left). This obligatory path results in improved heat exchange between the water and the radiator core, increasing cooling compared to a traditional radiator of the same size.
The completely revised water circuit isn’t the only new aspect of RS NEW: the entry and exit of water also differ compared to the past. In particular, at the entry point the bowl has been redesigned to direct the water with a homogeneous jet along the radiator, allowing optimal use of all the available radiator core. The entry and exit bowls also share a new curved design: in addition to the technical reason explained above, the new shape makes the radiator more aesthetically appealing. The internal configuration of the radiator, which is divided into two zones, made it necessary to add a hole, which is visible in the upper left part, looking from the front, so that the radiator can be drained easily: on the right side, the cap acts as a vent; on the left side, thanks to the hole, it’s possible to detect whether there are any air bubbles in the circuit.

    The RS New radiator core is divided into two parts, so as to take full advantage of its size and consequently optimise water cooling.

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