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Tech Focus | The premium water pump by Elto Racing

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14 September 2017
The Italian company, already one of the leading manufacturers of kart exhausts and silencers, makes a leap forward even in the cooling systems market as well with its new premium water pump. Let’s get to know this high quality product, fully realized from a single piece, in detail.

The performance of 2T competition engines, such as those for karts, is strongly based on operating temperatures. These are largely governed by the water circuit, the shape of which is decisive in order to cool the hottest areas, such as the light side and the cylinder’s exhaust duct. In fact, cooling as much as possible is not enough: it is also necessary to do so in the correct way to obtain engine running temperatures that are ideal for both performance and reliability. Insufficient temperatures may, in fact, cause detonations in the combustion chamber, resulting in loss of performance or, in the worst cases, seizure. Similarly, even too low temperatures can result in performance drops, in this case due to the variation in the mixture’s vaporization phenomenon.


On the other hand, as all karters know, the performance of the 2T racing engines strongly relates to operating temperatures. Therefore, the water circuit is fundamental. It should not be made with the aim of cooling "as much as possible" but rather to cool in the correct way so that the obtained temperatures are ideal for engine performance and reliability. In fact, both too hot temperatures (leading to combustion chamber detonations) and too low temperatures (resulting in a variation in the vaporization of the mixture) result in lower performance and, in the worst case, seizures.
Elto Racing has been manufacturing 2T engine exhaust systems since 1982, affirming itself in various motorsport specialties, both 2 and 4 wheels. But it has become specialised in karts. Basically, it activities are divided into two distinct genres: design, creation and development of branded products; development and production of articles for almost all of the companies related to the world of karting. The company, headed by Eligio Torreggiani, has its headquarters in Pesaro, with over 1,000 square metres where all aspects of production are managed: from design to shipping

    The main characteristic of the new water pump by Elto Racing is that it is made from a single piece. This involves several improvements compared to the previous Basic model manufactured through fusion. Compact in size, it is also different in terms of aesthetics, with the veining, again manufactured from a single piece, present along almost the entire circumference of the pump’s body. They also ensure better cooling, albeit marginally compared to other more fundamental details.
    First of all, the precision machining that distinguishes the Premium pump allows a 25% reduction in weight: from the 400 grams of the Basic model to the current 300 grams. But the optimisation is more general, and it also includes, in particular, the internal pipes, which are now more precise and have less less leakage (water quantity passing through the pipes per unit of time). These considerations, together with inlet pipes (the one along the axis of the impeller) and outlet pipes (orthogonal to the impeller axis) of the increased quantity of water, up to a reduction in water temperature of 5°C more than the Basic pump; with an adequate cooling system, of course.
    The impeller is of a classic type, made of plastic: lighter than aluminum, but less durable. Because of this, the blades are necessarily slightly thicker. The Premium pump is also completely removable and can be retrofitted. The retrofitting consists mainly of replacing the crankshaft and the impeller’s bearing. Generally, however, this happens at very long intervals.
    Elto Racing has made available two different types of pulleys for its Premium model water pump: toothed and smooth. In Elto's opinion, the former causes some additional friction, and it can be removed more easily from its housing if a foreign body inserts itself between the pulley and the toothed wheel. The latter is simpler and reduces friction, but (according to us) could slip a little, though Elto excludes this possibility.
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