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Under Review | Crg and briggs & stratton: the kart that didn’t exist

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No approval. The product is not subject to the rules on approval of the federations


CRG FS4 chassis modified to house the Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engine

204,5 CC

Almost twice that of competition 2-stroke engines. A 4-stroke engine requires a higher displacement in order to achieve good performance.


Neither push nor Touch and Go, but a traditional recoil system: easy and reliable, in theorY


CRG using innovative automatic welding machinery

Competition karts, mono-brand classes, rentals... Anyone who thought there was no room left for the different types of karts was wrong! Despite the many alternatives, there’s still a sizeable void. The aim of the proposal put forward by CRG, along with Briggs & Stratton, is to fill it

In the past, in karting you could basically choose between two extremes: pure racing karts, on the one hand, and rental karts, on the other.
Two aspects of the same sport, but totally different in terms of performance and cost. In recent years, several companies have begun to introduce so-called “mono-brand” classes, such as Rotax, Easykart, ROK Cup, Iame X30 and Championkart.
Excellent initiatives, but still much closer to the world of competition than to that of rentals.

An awareness of the lack of a real alternative, “which – according to CRG owner Giancarlo Tinini - allows the formation of a group of drivers who want to enjoy themselves without too many expectations”, convinced CRG and Briggs & Stratton.

The goal? "Introduce a kart/class to Italy (and, perhaps, to the rest of Europe soon) that has already had a recognised role in the United States for years, involving 50-60 drivers in each class, with up to 200 participants at certain events”.
The core of the project is a cost-effective kart, both in terms of purchase price and maintenance, which nevertheless does not sacrifice performance.


    One of the salient features of the Briggs & Stratton engine is the iron clutch. Treated superficially, it guarantees sturdiness and reduced wear. Further, it is practically impossible to make it slip, making it almost impossible to perform that little trick that many craftily try to use in order to help increase rpm

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    The rear of the frame, with the tube behind the seat folded to allow an internal transmission and simple positioning of the Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engine

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    Other details of the CRG - Briggs & Stratton kart, more specifically the chain and drive wheel

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    “We are undoubtedly – said Tinini – far from 2-stroke engines, but the comparison must be drawn between karts from the same class. The Briggs & Stratton checks ensure engines have the same performance”.
    “Furthermore – Giancarlo Tinini continues to explain his ideas – the use of a lightweight, high-performance competition chassis makes it possible to use all the engine’s power. If we also consider almost non-existent maintenance and high reliability, it makes for an entertaining package.

    Further, this is an engine that you can use Sundays, put it in the garage, and use again the next Sunday without encountering problems or the need for maintenance”. The kart, complete with engine and tires, will cost 2,700 Euros plus VAT. It will have a specific sales network that will, basically, coincide with the tracks promoting competitive racing.
    The cost of the tyres will be less than 100 Euros.


    Briggs & Stratton is an American multinational company founded in 1908 thanks to the partnership between inventor Stephen F. Briggs and financier Harold M. Stratton...

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