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Under Review | KT5, the CRG (specific for direct drive classes) that did not exist

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12 July 2022
CIK-FIA 2022

The KT5 chassis is certified with approval number 002-CH-25 starting from the 2022 season. The recent change in CIK-FIA regulations provides that the new approvals last indefinitely, as long as an annual fee is paid.


The chassis is approved for use in both Direct Drive and Shifter classes. However, it is sold in two different versions, so, to be clear, the single-speed version of this chassis is slightly different from the gear version: for example, it does not have the gear lever attachments.

30 / 32 mm

The KT5 has a body with 30 mm tubes except for the front cross bar that connects the two C’s, which has a diameter of 32 mm. The thickness of the tubes, on the other hand, is 1.8 mm for this single-speed version.


The KT5 is welded by expert technicians or by robotic machines with the continuous arc technique.


The standard accessories are made of magnesium. CRG also supplies some accessories made of carbon fibre, such as the floor tray, for those who want to reduce the overall weight of their karts.


In addition to the launch of the 2022 version of the Road Rebel, the specific chassis for the Shifter classes (read "Under review - Road Rebel 2022, the king of shifter chassis is all new"), and the introduction of the new VEN 13 braking system ( read "Technical focus - VEN 13, the innovative 'modular' braking system by CRG"), the Italian factory led by Giancarlo Tinini expands the range of its "racing" type chassis with the introduction of the KT5 model. It is a chassis that incorporates the classic double curve shape already seen on the KT2 chassis, but which, unlike the latter, has some small and at the same time important innovations.

The newborn and unprecedented KT5 is an approved chassis (with the number 002-CH-25) for both the Direct Drive and Shifter classes, but it is sold in two different variants depending on whether you want to use it in one or in the other class. Derived from KT2, a model that debuted in 2014 (with approval number until 2021 70-CH-20 and now with the new 002-CH-24 certification), the KT5 is also, just like the KT2, more suitable for single-speed classes, but it is distinguished from its predecessor by the increased diameter (32 mm instead of 30) of the front cross bar, the one which, so to speak, connects the two "Cs". A modification that obviously aims to increase the stiffness of the front, with a consequent physiological increase in load at the front. Therefore, the KT5, has by structural setting, a greater readiness to insert than the KT2, with the same setup. The rest of the chassis of the KT5 is all made with tubes that are 30 mm in diameter, while the thickness of all tubes in the Direct Drive version, the subject of our analysis, is 1.8 mm. The Shifter variant of the KT5 chassis, on the other hand has tubes with a thickness of 2 mm that must bear the greater weight of this kind of classes, also in need of greater grip and traction.

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