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Under Review | 2018 Opportunity by Parolin for the 60 Mini: a chassis that wins… does not get changed

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30 May 2018
CSAI 2015-2020

Like all Mini karts, Opportunity too, does not have a CIK homologation but a CSAI. The first homologation is from 2010. In 2015 it was renewed for another 5 years, until 2020


This chassis can be used in the categories dedicated to younger kart racers: Mini and Baby


Little space is left to the imagination: by regulation, the chassis pipes’ diameter for the 60 Mini class must be of 28 mm


There are two “schools of thought”: by hand or robotic. All of Parolin chassis are robot welded, including the Mini Opportunity


Accessories supplied as the standard style are made of aluminum. As an option, it is possible to request magnesium

Parolin Racing Kart had made, in 2017, important work on its Opportunity kart for the 60 mini category and had excellent results. Further improvement on the new fairings in 2018 has confirmed these exceptional results. Therefore, it is definitely worth to examine this very interesting chassis in-depth.

The first half of the 2018 racing season was enough for Parolin’s kart Opportunity to confirm itself as the reference point for the Mini category, especially regarding the WSK competitions. In the WSK Master series, an international event defined by four important appointments, the final classification of the 60 Mini is clearly: first and second positions are conquered by two Opportunity chassis by Parolin. A confirmation which further underlines the strength and greatness of the project by Parolin in one of the most difficult and competitive categories in karting.

Compared to the 2017 model, already presented on the TKART at that time, the 2018 version has been improved with new fairings, now produced by KG. Changes and the results which deserved a further and more thorough analysis.

The regulation frame made of 28 mm diameter tubers has a traditional shape and carefully designed accessories that are machined from solid. Particular attention (involving computer analyses and track tests) has been paid to the construction of the moveable pedalboard, which is essential for adapting the chassis when drivers grow taller. The pedalboard is secured to the box that supports the steering column, moving back and forth along it depending on the driver’s height: an essential characteristic in a class like the Mini in which racers are growing constantly.

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