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Under Review | Race Line LIGHT, the IPK rental kart in its racing version

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15 August 2020


Recoil starter with internal combustion engine or with an ON-OFF button on the electric Kart version


4-stroke or Electric. The version analyzed by TKART features the 4-stroke “Tillotson 350” engine


32 mm diameter tubes for the IPK rental


There are two “schools of thought”, manual or robotic. IPK implements its welding manually


Aluminum accessories


The objective set by the Italian company during the design phase was to increase the driving enjoyment without tiring the drivers. The mission was accomplished by focusing on a lightweight product, a positive feature for reducing fuel and tire utilization, aspects which should not be underestimated in the management of a rental vehicle.

Innovative Products for Karting, or simply put, that IPK is one of the largest chassis manufacturers worldwide. Its range of products varies from racing to rentals and it is exactly from the rental division of karting, which boasts a high number of trainees, that the latest innovations of the Italian company arrives. It is called Race Line LIGHT, a name which highlights the main features of the kart, its lightweight! In the 4-stroke engine version evaluated in this article, the total weight is 120 kg, 40 kg less than the classic karts that can be found at a rental track.
To achieve this objective while providing a racing driving feeling, IPK technicians used a 32 mm diameter tube which forms a frame with a design similar to that of a racing kart, yet suitably reinforced in the most stressed points such as the fairing supports (increased), the fastenings Cs of the stub axle holder and the welding between the lateral longerons and the chassis front tube.
The type of welding used by IPK is done manually, a solution used for both racing and rental karts and analyzed by TKART in the article ““How to weld a chassis manually”. While the welding management is entrusted to qualified personnel only, for the chassis accessories IPK relies on the latest generation machinery, with machining from a solid piece of material and the utmost attention given to the smallest of details.

The Race Line LIGHT boasts the same setup adjustments as those of racing chassis, starting from the ability of varying the front geometry by acting on the adjustable ring nut located above the stub axle fastening Cs. Always at the front, working with the classic spacers placed above and below the stub axle, the height can be modified. In the rear, this setting is adjusted by working on the casing’s screws, by raising or lowering the axle support bearing.
In a rental kart, more than the setup adjustment systems, it is important for the kart to adapt quickly to the height of the various drivers. In this respect the Race Line LIGHT offers the possibility of moving the seat back and forth by 8 cm, by operating a lever located on the right side which allows the seat to slide on tracks.

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