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Under Review | The Ricciardo Kart DR01, model S10 2019

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19 January 2019
CIK-FIA 2015 – 2020

The homologation of the DR 01 chassis dates to 2015 and is valid for 6 years, until 2020.

KZ - KZ2

The chassis is homologated for all categories. In this article we’ll look particularly at the KZ configuration.


It generally uses 30 and 32 mm tubes. Either all of equal measure, or a mix. All the DR 01’s tubes are 30 mm


Two “schools of thought”: manual or automatic. Birel ART, the frame’s manufacturer, welds automatically.


Standard accessories in aluminium. Available in magnesium by request


- Article update of January 2019 -

The new DR – S10 is the evolution of the S9 chassis signed Ricciardo Kart and manufactured by Birel Art. As in the last update, even this time we have not found any radical changes (the frame is always the DR 01 homologated in 2015), but rather a series of improvements which involve different aspects. In particular, some technical details developed on the track which simplify the use and management of the kart.

In the front, the chassis has changed in the pedal area, in particular the attachment where the iron of the front bumper is fastened to, is 30 mm smaller, thus allowing more adjustable chassis in the front, which adds the benefit of better drivability.

Another important change is the steering shaft support. Birel Art technicians have studied an innovative solution which allows us to increase the rigidity of the chassis: the end part of the two tubes that form the steering column, are adjustable and fixed together so as to make it a single body construction piece. An additional advantage of this solution is the simplicity of adjusting the steering wheel height, which can be modified by simply loosening only one screw (in most chassis this operation is more time consuming). The great movement of range for the steering wheel allows for drivers of all heights to find their best driving position.

An improvement which also involves the adjustment of the “Cs” in the front geometry with bushings that have a double fastening screw system. This allows the bushing to be kept perfectly in place even when the Camber is increased, allowing for a more precise adjustment of the geometry.

As for the accessories, there is a new removable bar marked Freeline, the accessory line of the Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart and Kubica Kart brands. The bar is illustrated by two spherical plain bearings fixed to the sides: these allow to change the rigidity of the front of the Kart depending on the position in which the bar is fixed and, additionally, a more uniform and gradual torsion on the chassis itself.

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