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Under Review | The new Birel Art RY32 chassis

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18 December 2017
CIK-FIA 2018 - 2020

The homologation of the Birel Art RY32 is for 2018 and valid, like all the latest homologations, for three years.


The RY32 was homologated for all categories. The one we analized here is a DD version.


Generally, tubes going from 30 to 32 mm are used. The Birel Art RY32 only has 32mm tubes.


There are two “schools of thought”: either manual or with welding robots. Birel Art uses welding robots.


The accessories for the RY32 chassis are available both in aluminum and magnesium.


The RY32 is not a brand-new addition from Birel ART, seeing as the frame was already homologated in 2012. An undoubtedly successful project, as confirmed by the fact that the shapes of the chassis have not been modified in the “new” 2018-2020 version. But there are updates to a series of important details and, above all, to the materials, thanks to the constant research and development conducted by Birel Art to adapt as well as possible to the specific needs of each competition.
Let’s discover the new features by analysing the chassis in its version for the Direct Drive (non-shifter) categories, that is, without the front braking system.

The Birel RY 32 chassis, as the name itself indicates, has a frame consisting of tubes that are all 32 mm in diameter. This feature differentiates it from the line’s other chassis: the RY29, with tubes ranging from 28 to 30 mm, and the RY30, with all 30-mm tubes.

The 32-mm solution produces a more rigid structure that is generally used for the KZ categories, both because it offers a more robust frame, and because it provides better traction and grip (though these parameters, in the last analysis, also depend greatly on the tyres used at any given time).

The satisfaction is evident in the words of Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART: “The modifications made on the new RY32 chassis, thanks to the occasion of the new homologation, are important refinements that are a product of the experience of last year and previous years. Naturally, however, the tubing material is the center of Birel ART’s research and the feature that today makes it possible to obtain higher performance, longer. I can say with satisfaction that, for the average driver, a Birel frame can easily last for an entire racing season without any significant drop in performance.”

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