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VIP Test | Exclusive: sainz in a kart, the story of the day and the video interview

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The practice is now widely known about among the forces that professionally drive an F1: when a GP is in the north of Italy, a trip to Lonato in the province of Brescia, precisely the South Garda Karting track, is a must. To remember the feeling of driving a kart. Stuff even from 10 and more years ago, which has 6% of the power they are used to, yet F1 drivers feel like going on a journey through time to get back behind the wheel of these objects, as soon as it’s possible for them to do so. This time it is the turn of a Spanish branded, from 2021, with the well-known nickname Rampant Horse: Carlos Sainz Jr.

On Tuesday 13 April 2021, only the staff of the racing team and the owner of the company that manufactures the Tony Kart (the OTK Kart Group), Roberto Robazzi, arrived in the Tony Kart Racing Team’s tent before Carlos,. Carlos appeared before 9 am, then we at TKART (who in these days somehow always manage to gatecrash with the same satisfaction of two sixteen year olds who manage to enter their favourite singer’s concert without paying) and a good part of the FDA: Robert Shwartzman, Arthur Leclerc and Maya Weug. Carlos is already dressed in neutral overalls, a red Puma without a sponsor and without even an embroidered Ferrari emblem. The question to be resolved immediately is that of the rib protector and the right man to help him was there: Andrea Begnozzi, from Bengio HST. He handed him a Bengio Bumper instead of the rib protector that Carlos recovered the night before in Maranello thanks to the FDA drivers who had one spare to lend him.

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