Michael Fassbender Goes Karting with IPK

Hollywood star Michael Fassbender indulged in an intense day of karting at Jesolo’s Pista Azzurra. With the technical support of FD Motors, the company of Andrea Bertolini (Ferrari and Maserati driver), and Praga karts.

Actor Michael Fassbender has always been a huge motorsports aficionado. A few years ago, in fact, he spent a day on the track at Castelletto di Branduzzo >>click<<.

This time he chose Jesolo’s legendary Pista Azzurra, thanks to the support of FD Motors (store and track management, as well as the racing team that set up the equipment) and the “mediation” of Andrea Bertolini, the Maranello man who crossed paths with Fassbender at the Ferrari World Finals and invited him for a day of karting.

Given the two-time Oscar nominee’s incredible passion, he didn’t take much convincing. So despite the rain, Fassbender showed up at the track in Jesolo enthusiastic to put on his driving suit and get his hands on the wheel of the Rotax DD2-powered Praga kart that the men of FD Motors had prepared for him.

Keeping him company on the track were Michele Rugolo (a Rotax DD2/Praga kart for him as well) and Andrea Bertolini (Rotax DD2/Formula K), with a few laps as well for Petr Ptacek Jr., son of the president of IPK (manufacturer of Praga, OK1 and Formula K karts) and fresh from the F4 winter tests.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as well as a wet track due the non-stop rain, allowed everyone to forget about the stop-watch and focus on having a good time, with no shortage of tailspins and some borderline-prohibited overtaking, from 11 in the morning until late in the afternoon, with only a short break for an aperitif offered by FD Motors.

The thermometer read 5° C and the cold was penetrating, but Fassbender didn’t hold back: a smile permanently stamped on his face, no Hollywood attitude, maximum availability with everyone, and careful attention to the advice and suggestions of Bertolini and the mechanics, a real testament to his genuine passion.