Advances on the 2021 season

Advances on the 2021 season

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The engines of the 2020 season have been shut down a few days ago and the organizational machine of the Briggs Kart Championship series is already fine-tuning the main aspects of the 2021 season.

The 4th year will begin with the presentation on the Italian market of the promotional karting series that has revolutionized the basic karting in many countries around the world and which is contributing, even in Italy, to bringing (or bringing back) many new karting enthusiasts to karting.

The formula for the success of the Briggs Kart Championship is to be found in low costs, combined with a kart that is performing and fun to drive (racing chassis with free set up) and a very well organized and promoted championship. In the control room of this successful format is CRG, one of the most authoritative and important brands in the world of karting, which together with Briggs & Stratton Europe is working hard to increase the number of drivers and teams participants.

And for 2021 some innovations are announced to achieve these goals; among the most important, it must be said that some stages of the Championship will reach central Italy, so as to bring the field of action of some new teams that will enter the Series in 2021 closer. Furthermore, in the official calendar there will be some tracks of international importance, such as Adria and Castelletto di Branduzzo. In recent days, CRG management has provided the teams with a draft calendar that will include 8 race weekends, in each of which, as usual, 2 Finals will be held (Race 1 and Race 2 for a total of 16 races). In order to allow the drivers to recover some unfortunate races, or not to take part in the most distant trips, the criteria of the discards has been confirmed for which the best 12 results obtained compared to the 16 scheduled races will be considered valid (4 discards will be allowed) . From a technical point of view, however, maximum stability was confirmed with the introduction of only small updates that will be presented with the official calendar. The calendar will be approved and made official by January 20, 2021.

Calendario provvisorio

Sabato, 20 Febbraio – (ALA), TEST COLLETTIVI

Domenica 21 Marzo – (ALA), ROUND 1

Domenica 11 Aprile – (CREMONA), ROUND 2

Domenica 9 Maggio – (CORRIDONIA), ROUND 3

Domenica 6 Giugno – (VIVERONE), ROUND 4

Domenica 4 Luglio – (CASTELLETTO), ROUND 5

Domenica 12 Settembre – (POMPOSA), ROUND 6

Sabato 9 Ottobre – (ADRIA), ROUND 7

Domenica 14 Novembre – (CREMONA), ROUND 8