Di Silvestre wins Race 1 and title, Castelli 1st in Race 2

Di Silvestre wins Race 1 and title, Castelli 1st in Race 2

The weekend was marked by an overturned program compared to the past, which saw the climax go on stage all on Sunday. In the morning, on wet asphalt, the pole position went to Moreno Di Silvestre, who then replicated in Race 1. In Race 2, however, first to cross the finish line was Christian Castelli who, in the last weekend of the season , scored the first victory in NasKart.

A wet qualification rewards Di Silvestre
The rain that fell a few minutes from qualifying has messed up the plans of the NasKart pilots, which are not a little they were called to improvise in one of the most delicate moments of the weekend. The one who best interpreted the conditions of the Lazio track was the leader Moreno Di Silvestre, who broke the best time in front of Alessandro Brigatti. 3rd place for Christian Castelli, followed by the two riders competing for the Rookies Cup, Filippo Lazzaroni and Lorenzo Tocci.

Race 1 – Di Silvestre wins and mortgages the title
Thanks to a red circle performance, Di Silvestre also took home Race 1. The pennese was able to exploit the fight behind him between Christian Castelli and Alessandro Brigatti to take the necessary space in order to administer in the last laps. Castelli, in turn, left no room for reply to Brigatti, 3rd at the stroke of the 16th lap. Slightly more detached the “rookie” Lazzaroni and Tocci, with the latter able to annoy more than once the direct opponent in the ranking reserved for riders in the last two appointments.

Race 2 – Di Silvestre breaks, Castelli “thanks”

The second race of the weekend gave a breathtaking close to the NasKart series. After a regular start, in which Di Silvestre has maintained the command over Castelli and Brigatti, the first twist: Castelli misses trajectory and, because of the wet track, ends up on the grass. This event gave Brigatti the place of honor, forcing the Roman to recover. Castelli, freed of Tocci and Lazzaroni, is back in the wake of Brigatti, who seems to be suffering a drop in performance. The decisive overtaking comes at the detachment of the joint that leads to the finish line. Again 2nd, for Castelli it is too much to think of recovering over 6 “on Di Silvestre when the tachometer scores -4 to the checkered flag. A lap later, however, comes the second turn of the stage: at the exit of the “square”, the Righetti Ridolfi / Modena Di Silvestre falls silent because of the detachment of the throttle cable. This delivers the triumph in the hands of Castelli, who cuts the finish line in front of Brigatti and Lazzaroni, on the 2nd podium in NasKart. 4th Lorenzo Tocci.

The non-competitive happy ending does not prevent Moreno Di Silvestre from celebrating the victory of the NasKart title: Road to NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. And ‘the pennese, therefore, which will benefit from the rich prize pool of the championship, which provides for the participation in a season in NASCAR Whelen Euro Series with the team Racers completely free.