FIA Karting European Championship KZ2, Adria – FINAL: majestic Viktor Gustavsson

The Swede completes a perfect race at the end of an equally perfect weekend, in which he wins all the heats and takes the top of the standings with full score.



Tyres: Vega

    • The final of first round of the FIA ​​Karting European Championship KZ2 kicks off without one of the great protagonists of the weekend, Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), winner of one heat also in the morning, but disqualified together with Kristijan Habulin (TB Kart – TB Kart – TM Racing) and Francesco Comanducci (TB Kart – TB Kart – TM Racing) after having failed to show up in time (a matter of a few seconds for Albanese) in the pre-grid.
    • Viktor Gustavsson (Leclerc By Lennox Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing) takes a commanding win, crossing at the finish with a lead of over 6 seconds. The Swede leaves Adria with 35 points and the status of favorite for the title.
    • Simone Cunati (Modena Kart – Birel ART – TM Racing) manages to defend the second place from the attacks of Giuseppe Palomba (Birel ART Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing), who tries all the tricks in the book to find a gap in the last laps, but he has to settle for third place.
    • Paavo Tonteri (SC Performance – Tony Kart – Vortex), fourth, also tries to take advantage of the duel between Palomba and Cunati, but fails to attack the two Italians. The Finn precedes a very good Tom Leuillet (Praga Racing Team – Praga – TM Racing), who completes a comeback of 5 positions, from the tenth position, on a track where overtaking seems to be a taboo.
    • Davide De Marco (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), sixth, wins an intense battle with Leonardo Marseglia (Birel ART Racing – Birel ART – TM Racing), seventh, and Arthur Carbonnel (CPB Sport – Sodi – TM Racing), eighth at the finish, but the victim of a three-second penalty for violation of the noise limit that makes him fall back to 13th place.
    • The last three places available in the top ten are occupied by Giacomo Pollini (Formula K Racing Team – Formula K- TM Racing), Hubert Petit (CPB Sport – Sodi – TM Racing), able to gain 5 positions at the start and another three in the first lap, and Filippo Berto (Emilia Kart – Birel ART – TM Racing).
    • From 11th to 15th position we find Jean Luyet (DEL Motorsport – CRG – TM Racing), Senna Van Walstjin (CPB Sport – Sodi – TM Racing), Arthur Carbonnel, Andrea Dalè (Nuova 3M – Birel ART – TM Racing) and Danel Stell (Novalux – Lenzokart – TM Racing).
    • The names on the retiree list, on the other hand, are those of Leonardo Bizzotto (NGM Motorsport – Formula K – TM Racing), Daniel Vasile (DR – DR – Modena Engines) and Mattia Sergio Limena (Paolo Limena – Kosmic – TM Racing).

Final Classification

©Photo: Sportinphoto