World Championship and Int’l Super Cup, Genk: Hajek is the new KZ world champion and Viganò gets the title in KZ2

Jose Maria Navalon Boya wins Academy Trophy. Race winner is Pauwels [interview – video – report] 


Patrik Hajek (Kosmic Kart Racing Department – Kosmic – Vortex) is the new world champion. Czech driver won the final after starting from the pole position. He was not attacked during all the race.

In the first lap, Simo Puhakka (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) overtook Marijn Kremers (BirelArt Racing – Birel Art – TM Racing). Both drivers kept his battle and in the last corner they collided into each other. For this reason, both drivers had to retire. Kremers commented that Puhakka braked earlier, on the other hand, Puhakka told Kremers pushed him. Any way, both drivers lost any option to win the race.

Behind the winner finished Rick Dreezen (KR Motorsport – KR – Parilla), who was one of the fastest drivers during the weekend, with CRG drivers Paolo de Conto and Pedro Hiltbrand. However, Dreezen did not have any possibility to attack Hajek.

Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team – CRG – TM Racing) was 3rd, ahead of Alex Irlando (Sodikart – Sodi – TM Racing). At the beginning, Federer had a good pace, but a problem with his accelerator cable did not allow him to have real options to win this race. Irlando made a great recovery, and in the last two corners he attacked Federer. Finally, he could not beat him and he ended 4th.

De Conto finished 5th, after a great recovery. He started 14th because of a fail in the qualifying and a penalty in the heats. He may finished on the podium if Irlando and Federer collided.

RnkDriverEquipmentGapBest Lap
1Hajek, PatrikKosmic / Vortex / LeCont52.710
2Dreezen, RickKR / Parilla / LeCont1.78552.721
3Federer, FabianCRG / TM Racing / LeCont3.14252.701
4Irlando, AlexSodi / TM Racing / LeCont3.26752.639
5De Conto, PaoloCRG / TM Racing / LeCont3.30952.597
6Pex, JorritCRG / TM Racing / LeCont4.26152.770
7Torsellini, MirkoKR / Parilla / LeCont7.80452.734
8Hanley, BenjaminCroc Promotions / TM Racing / LeCont8.45752.777
9Camplese, LorenzoEvokart / TM Racing / LeCont9.79052.742
10Lammers, BasAlpha / TM Racing / LeCont9.88552.819
11Pex, StanCRG / TM Racing / LeCont12.21852.779
12Kokko, HenriNinar / TM Racing / LeCont15.25552.883
13Specken, GuustBirel Art / Vortex / LeCont16.50252.910
14Dale, AndreaCRG / TM Racing / LeCont16.76352.718
15Milell, NoahTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont19.97552.791
16Celenta, FrancescoPraga / Vortex / LeCont20.61453.145
17Puhakka, SimoTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont20.73652.691
18Chubarov, IvanCroc Promotions / TM Racing / LeCont23.79553.239
19Iglesias, Jeremy EmmanuelFormula K / Vortex / LeCont24.90453.163
20Kremers, MarijnBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont29.71452.744
21Kohler, LeonEnergy Corse / Vortex / LeCont31.49753.008
22Longfield, TomComp / TM Racing / LeCont35.50653.577
23Vallar, DamienBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont47.94753.718
24Mizzoni, MirkoItalcorse / TM Racing / LeCont3 Laps53.358
25Adams, ChristopheSodi / TM Racing / LeCont10 Laps54.148
26Soguel, YohanLuxor / LKE / LeCont13 Laps53.159
27Hiltbrand, PedroCRG / TM Racing / LeCont16 Laps52.704
28Kuovi, JanCRG / TM Racing / LeCont18 Laps53.958
29Abbasse, AnthonySodi / TM Racing / LeCont21 Laps54.127
30Thonon, JonathanBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont21 Laps54.316

* in red the drivers who got a 10 seconds penalization



In the KZ2 International Supercup, Matteo Viganò (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) completed a perfect weekend, after the pole position and the first position in the heats overall. He won the race without any attack from his opponents.

Behind the Italian driver, Daniel Bray (G.P. Racing – GP/Alu Group – TM Racing) finished 2nd. He beat Adrian Renaudin (CPB Sport- Sodi – TM Racing) in the first laps of the race.

David Vidales (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) completed the podium. He achieved it because Gaetano Di Mauro (CRG – CRG – TM Racing) collided with Renaudin in the last lap. Finally, they were 4th and 5th respectively.

Riccardo Longhi (BirelArt Racing – Birel Art – TM Racing) ended 5th at the track, but later he was penalized because he weighed less than the required weight. Italian driver made a great recovery overtaking 23 drivers.


RnkDriverEquipmentGapBest Lap
1Vigano, MatteoTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont52.874
2Bray, DanielGP/Alu Group / TM Racing / LeCont1.45452.844
3Vidales Ajenjo, DavidTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont4.57352.999
4Gomes E.S. Di Mauro, GaetanoCRG / TM Racing / LeCont6.01452.970
5Renaudin, AdrienSodi / TM Racing / LeCont6.67552.974
6Skaras, EmilEnergy Corse / TM Racing / LeCont6.93652.958
7Pollini, GiacomoFormula K / TM Racing / LeCont7.09552.916
8Van Leeuwen, MartijnKR / Parilla / LeCont7.19152.975
9Dahlberg, AlexanderBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont10.69253.041
10Paul, MaximilianDR / Modena Engines / LeCont11.39153.194
11Cebrian Ariza, GerardCRG / TM Racing / LeCont11.94353.072
12Denner, EmilienKali’Kart / TM Racing / LeCont12.31053.035
13Nomblot, JeanSodi / TM Racing / LeCont13.20253.038
14Baciuska, RokasSodi / TM Racing / LeCont13.47653.140
15Davies, DylanCRG / TM Racing / LeCont13.92753.119
16Petit, HubertSodi / TM Racing / LeCont14.14853.198
17Giardelli, AlessandroTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont21.36553.282
18Vasile, DanielDR / Modena Engines / LeCont21.47053.044
19Iacovacci, FrancescoMaranello / TM Racing / LeCont21.95252.964
20Hall, PhilipTony Kart / TM Racing / LeCont28.91853.291
21Fritsch, ValentinoBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont30.35853.384
22Kindervater, RobertBirel Art / TM Racing / LeCont34.42253.394
23Berto, FilippoCRG / TM Racing / LeCont37.11453.429
24Piccini, AlessioTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont1 Lap52.829
25Fife, JoshuaEnergy Corse / TM Racing / LeCont3 Laps52.860
26Zanchetta, MarcoMach 1 / TM Racing / LeCont12 Laps53.305
27Loubere, PierrePraga / TM Racing / LeCont16 Laps53.147
28Tubben, MaxCRG / TM Racing / LeCont18 Laps55.517
29Schmitz, AlexanderTony Kart / Vortex / LeCont22 Laps57.237
30Evrard, PaulKosmic / Vortex / LeCont23 Laps
31Landais, ThomasAlpha / TM Racing / LeCont23 Laps
Longhi, RiccardoBirel Art / TM Racing / LeContDSQ52.631
Nilsson, BrandonRighetti Ridolfi / TM Racing / LeContDSQ53.313
Carette, PieterCRG / Vortex / LeContDSQ53.212

* in red the drivers who got a 10 seconds penalization


RnkDriverEquipmentGapBest Lap
1Pauwels, KobeExprit / Vortex / LeCont55.980
2Navalon Boya, Jose MariaExprit / Vortex / LeCont1.10255.920
3Rattican, JoshuaExprit / Vortex / LeCont2.60056.074
4De Figueiredo, Guilherme A.Exprit / Vortex / LeCont4.95856.129
5De Haan, RobertExprit / Vortex / LeCont5.59056.012
6Taponen, TuukkaExprit / Vortex / LeCont5.65756.004
7Bohdanowicz, LucasExprit / Vortex / LeCont8.88856.187
8Zanfari, SuleimanExprit / Vortex / LeCont9.06456.193
9Meguetounif, SamiExprit / Vortex / LeCont11.42056.411
10Andreasson, NortonExprit / Vortex / LeCont11.95156.388
11Callejas Gomez, IsidroExprit / Vortex / LeCont12.44456.116
12Crawford, JakExprit / Vortex / LeCont12.46956.227
13Wulf, William KristianExprit / Vortex / LeCont12.74156.483
14Queen, ColinExprit / Vortex / LeCont12.89456.383
15Tanic, CraigExprit / Vortex / LeCont12.95556.004
16Coertze, JoshuaExprit / Vortex / LeCont13.43456.203
17Kvilekval, SondreExprit / Vortex / LeCont14.26256.561
18Kuc, MarcelExprit / Vortex / LeCont15.62856.390
19Kadapik, RimmoExprit / Vortex / LeCont15.73256.050
20Shimbara, KotaroExprit / Vortex / LeCont17.63756.753
21Gu, Zi YueExprit / Vortex / LeCont21.81756.364
22Komninos, KonstantinosExprit / Vortex / LeCont22.10456.343
23Almeida, RodrigoExprit / Vortex / LeCont25.80356.733
24Dadhley, JaivirExprit / Vortex / LeCont26.31856.335
25Tarillion, MaximilianExprit / Vortex / LeCont26.39656.863
26Volosyankin, ViacheslavExprit / Vortex / LeCont27.05056.938
27Xie, Wing Lam GerrardExprit / Vortex / LeCont27.19256.768
28Māliņš, GustavsExprit / Vortex / LeCont31.22256.352
29Ho, EthanExprit / Vortex / LeCont31.59556.400
30Reisch, ConstantinExprit / Vortex / LeCont10 Laps56.938
31Siksnelis, KajusExprit / Vortex / LeCont10 Laps56.636
32Becicka Jr., JiriExprit / Vortex / LeCont12 Laps57.224
33Albanese, FedericoExprit / Vortex / LeCont12 Laps57.308
34Orton, WilliamExprit / Vortex / LeCont12 Laps57.379


Championship standings

1Navalon Boya, Jose Maria925-6-11102064
2Pauwels, Kobe10200-382563
3De Figueiredo, Guilherme A.0082091350
4Meguetounif, Sami81610130-747
5Albanese, Federico069250040
6Rattican, Joshua2110061635
7Zanfari, Suleiman5-44160833
8Kadapik, Rimmo613040023
9Callejas Gomez, Isidro38007523
10Crawford, Jak09390-421
11Siksnelis, Kajus15780021
12De Haan, Robert000621119
13Taponen, Tuukka031-141018
14Shimbara, Kotaro710000017
15Tanic, Craig47005117
16Kuc, Marcel005100015
17Bohdanowicz, Lucas00001910
18Wernersson, Theo01078
19Coertze, Joshua025007
20Andreasson, Norton0000066
21Wulf, William Kristian0000033
22Kvilekval, Sondre000303
23Queen, Colin0000022
24Pino Munoz, Nicolás00022
25Dadhley, Jaivir0200002
26Orton, William0000000
27Leistra, Luca000
28Becicka Jr., Jiri000000
29Tarillion, Maximilian000000
30Gu, Zi Yue000000
31Komninos, Konstantinos0000000
32Almeida, Rodrigo000000
33Škulj, Mark0000
34Fagone, Alessio0000
35Alcalde, Arturo00000
36Volosyankin, Viacheslav0000000
37Ho, Ethan000000
38Xie, Wing Lam Gerrard00000
39Māliņš, Gustavs000000
40Reisch, Constantin000000
41Gracia Filho, Ricardo000000
42Doorgeest, Jesse00000
43Mallalieu, Adam0000
44Kosterman, Esmee000
45Sato, Rintaro000
46Noor, Sergio M.00
47Phoenix, Ksenia0000
48Camilleri, Kylie0000
49Roccadelli, Matteo Maria000
50Russell, Beau00