ROK North, back on the track!

ROK North, back on the track!

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In qualifying, forte Marconato and the transalpine Anpilogov depart, capable of slightly detaching the rest of the group, led by the Turkish Yldirim, Viceconte and Prescianotto. In the pre-final, the two in the front row show that they have something extra and are placed in the same order of qualifications, first Marconato and second Anpilogov. Viceconte follows the pair of head slightly detached, but the satisfaction of signing the best lap of the event is taken away, with 55.069. The fight for victory in the final is enriched by a new protagonist, Kastelic, who in a few moments of the race manages to get Marconato and Anpilogov in the lead, keeping them under control while they swap positions. At the tenth step, the decisive episode occurs with Marconato who touches Anpilogov and ends up spinning and Kastelic, who manages to take the lead.

The Frenchman does not give up his grip and at the last lap he regains the lead of the race, collecting the winner’s 25 points. Prescianotto completes a nice podium and Perfetti, fourth, precedes the author of the most beautiful comeback of the final (11 positions won), Peebels. The race at Lonato also saw the absolute debut of the very young Alfio Antonio Berni, who had already entered the special Rookie Rok 2019 classification, along with a large group of riders who chose the Rok to make their karting debut.


Ragone and Federici are the absolute protagonists of the pre-final, with Federici himself finishing second despite a penalty for the misplaced nose. The two teammates make a vacuum and leave Stifter and Simonini at a safe distance. While Stifter is very quick to take the lead of the final right from the start, the possible protagonists end up immediately, Federici, Simonini, Del Piccolo and Zaffarano. Ragone is surprised at the start by Mazzola and in the early stages of the race the two fight for the place of honor until the third pass.

Having conquered the second position, Ragone tries a useless comeback on the “hammer” Stifter, who does not lose concentration and goes to take a precious victory, with a lot of best lap. Ragone and Mazzola complete the podium and already look to Adria for the revenge. At the foot of the podium Megna arrives, the creator of an incredible comeback from the eighteenth position, where he ended up due to a trouble in qualifying. Lady Kayla Naude closes the top-5 having the better of Desiderio and Adami.


Che which would have been Molinari’s day had been guessed since the qualifications, when the Ligurian printed the pole in front of Cordera, Cuman and Locatelli. In the pre-final, Molinari dictated the rhythm and won in front of a formidable Tanja Muller, who preceded the remontants Gaglianò and Croccolino. In the early stages of the final, Molinari got out of trouble by slightly knocking out his opponents, led by Gaglianò and Tanja Muller. Just in the first laps three drivers who were looking for the podium, Croccolino, Locatelli and Cordera, ended up out.

Excluding the first position, which is never questioned, the battle for the podium has been uncertain and full of overtaking with Cuman who has been irrepressible and has put Martinello, Gaglianò, Muller and Szyszko in sequence. The former Rok Italia 2016 Champion took the place of honor and the best lap of the final. In the top-10 the two Poles Janicki and Palmirski also entered, respectively seventh and ninth, preceded by the excellent Moncini and authors of races all in comeback, after having sunk into the rear in the pre-final due to contacts. The two Expert Donadei and Di Landro, who arrived in this order, also ran with the Senior.


After the qualifications, dominated by the brothers Luyet, Jean and Samuel, all expect that to annoy the two Swiss are Vita, Zemin or, perhaps, the other Swiss Michael Muller. Instead, in the final he was a candidate, as the greatest antagonist of Jean Luyet, the usual Squaranti, who put himself in the wake of the Swiss during the first stages of the race.

Squaranti got rid of Samuel and tried to keep up with the fugitive Jean, but failed. So the first final of the season went to Jean, who preceded two very hard bones, Squaranti and Zemin. These protagonists will give great show in the next races, given the very high level shown in Lonato, moreover, in the next round, some other Rokker tops are also expected.


The slip in the prefinal of the poleman Cicognini opens the road to success in the final at D’Abramo. The international champion Super 2017 is unattainable in the final, after taking the lead he left behind a particularly lively situation. With drivers from all over Europe, the climate seemed to be that of the international final with the current international champion, Machado, the Spanish Tenorio, the Monegasque Gaia Cardinali, the Romanian Pocol and the Maltese Dingli who fought for the top-5 . In the end Machado managed to keep behind Lady Cardinali, who bent Tenorio in a tight and correct confrontation. For the poleman Cicognini there was only one sixth place and a good comeback to console himself. At Adria it will already be time for great revenge!