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TKART magazine Editorial | The F1 chosen ones: the story of Arvid Lindblad
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The kart drivers who became F1 chosen ones
Lindblad, a lion under the sign of Taurus, the (red) bull

Mattia Livraghi
09 November 2021

Kart drivers, those who dream of climbing the motorsport pyramid, are not all the same. There are some who are a little "more special", perhaps better, certainly more fortunate than the others. We are talking about those who are part of the "driver programmes" of F1 teams that aim to develop the most promising drivers (often chosen from the training ground provided by karting) to channel them straight into F1. Let's find out the profiles of these “chosen ones” and understand how and why the F1 teams select them among many other drivers. After having narrated “the story of Antonelli and Mercedes”, we now tell you about a fourteen year old driver from England who joined the Red Bull Junior Team.


If you love motorsport, you are English and your dream is to become an F1 driver, August 8 is a perfect day to be born on, under the zodiac sign of Leo. The birth date of Nigel Mansell, "the Lion of England", F1 1992 world champion. His parents, Stefan and Anita, know certain things and don’t think twice about giving birth to Arvid on that very same day. But they do so in 2007. It's just a joke, of course. Yet, for those who are superstitious, this could be the first in a series of signs that characterise London’s Arvid Lindblad as a future champion of four-wheeled motorsport.
Even if his first contact with engines comes thanks to a motorcycle. In 2010: Arvid is 3 years old and his father, as a proper former rider, has an exaggerated passion for motorcycles. These two elements, added together, turn into a motocross bike as a gift for little Arvid, who, however, doesn’t seem to appreciate it that much.
The visceral love for driving is ignited two years later, with two more wheels: at the age of five, Lindblad tries a go-kart for the first time on a track near his home, Rye House, the same one where Lewis Hamilton often drove.

We have summarised the main stages of the career of Arvid Lindblad. From his birth… to the present day.

He is born on August 8 in London.

2012 – 5 years old
He drives a Bambino go-kart for the first time at the local track, Rye House.


And it is love at first sight, so much so that after a couple of rides Stefan buys him a kart, a Bambino. Despite not having technical knowledge, Stefan begins to train Arvid and after six months they participate in his first race, in the Bambino class, the first and the only one in which you can race in England at just six years of age.

And here the second sign of being a chosen one for motorsport appears immediately and clearly. Arvid races and comes second at the end of the race. On his debut. A trophy, kisses from mum, a good story to tell on Monday to classmates who will have gone to the park at most. This kind of things. It is enough for not falling asleep for a week, at that age. However, Arvid is slightly disappointed. Why? Because he didn't win. It’s crazy if you think it’s his first race. Nevertheless... this is how it goes. Those who have what it takes to make it are like this. Satisfied? Never. And, in fact, just the time of competing in the following race and the victory arrives.

2013 - 6 years old
He participates in his first race in the Bambino class and finishes second. He then wins his second race.
• Team: Arvid and his dad Stefan
• Material: RK - Comer C50

2014 – 7 years old
He starts training with the 60 IAME Cadet kart, but can’t race because he’s too young.
• Team: Arvid and his dad Stefan
• Material: ZIP Kart – IAME Gazelle 60 cc

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