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TKART magazine Editorial | Beppe Gabbiani: an endless passion
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23 June 2016

Giuseppe Gabbiani, aka “Beppe”, is one of the…quickest tongues in motorsport history. Indeed, the man born in Piacenza in 1957 isn’t just a driver who started out in karting and made it into Formula 1, racing in almost every class featuring four wheels and an engine in between, but is also a person with a tireless energy and a heart full of memories. A man capable of entertaining you for hours with tales imbued with true passion.

“A passion like mine comes from within: parents can do certain things to increase it, and my father, an outright enthusiast, did all sorts of things, but the real spark comes from within. Subsequently, the development of the spark depends on many factors. For example, at 14 I wanted a motorbike so that I could join my friends and race on the many endure off-road trails around Piacenza, but my parents wouldn’t buy me one.

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