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TKART magazine Editorial | The South Garda Karting incident. Why doesn't TKART talk about it?
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Yanek Sterzel
17 October 2020

Absolutely everyone knows what happened, we don't have to tell you. However, what we will tell you is the reason for our behaviour regarding the incident

A premise, for those who don’t know or didn’t take any notice: TKART is about karting. An odd thing to say, but it’s a fact. It has done for about 15 years, for that matter.


So: that which happened during the last KZ World Championship at South Garda in Lonato (a nose panel was thrown and there was a brawl when the park was closed) was not about karting. I can assure you. That’s not coming from me, it's not my opinion, it's a fact. The proof is that, slowly but surely, all those around the world who NEVER talk about karting have commented on it. Once again, they focussed on our sport NOT to discuss karting (indeed, no media outlet, from CNN to Amazon Prime Sport, even bothered to mention the winners of that day’s races), but to discuss something that is NOT about karting, but is just an insane, violent gesture.
As people who discuss karting 365 days a year, for our part, we avoided commenting the episodes mentioned above.
Several have written to us asking: “Why didn't you discuss it? What's the real reason? Are you biased?". All sorts of conspiracy theories.
However, perhaps the right question should have been: why should we have discussed it?

Option 1: Simply to report the news
Answer: Well, of course, because unless TKART reports on it, the world wouldn’t have known what happened... 3 minutes after events, they had already gone viral on the social networks. What would our reporting have added?

Option 2: To express our disgust and disassociate ourselves from those events
Answer: We try to report the news, information of interest and true importance. I don’t think it’s a scoop or "news" that TKART condemns these kinds of gesture. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that we’re not in favour of this type of behavior, it’s obvious. That which is obvious, I was taught, is not news, it doesn’t need to be written about. It would have been different if we had been directly involved in the events and we would certainly have disassociated ourselves had there been any doubt whether the episode had involved us. If anyone was expecting a “statement” from TKART… Well, they were and will continue to be disappointed. We try not to write about the obvious and prefer to leave it to others to do so.

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