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TKART magazine Editorial | European vs American Karting: two opposite sides of the same world
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Mario Pazos
28 June 2022

Ordinary people can't even imagine it. A little because this sport is unknown to most people. And partly because whoever knows what a kart is, actually only thinks of it as a small niche in motorsport, a necessary step to then drive cars. In reality it is a universe with a thousand facets and differences. With styles and customs that change from country to country. Mario Pazos, starting from an episode of real life, tells us about it in this article


I was in Miami for the Florida Winter Tour. At the time I was working for the OTK Kart Group, organiser of the event that on that occasion we decided to hold, in a fairly pioneering way, in the parking lot of the Miami Dolphins stadium, where then, in 2022, F1 also raced (we got the location right!). A driver's dad wanted him to see the restoration he was carrying out on a Tony Kart Esprit and since he lived nearby in Pompano Beach we organised a barbecue for the evening. I arrived with the beers (in the US you always have to bring the beers) and, a great surprise, in addition to the "in progress" Esprit there was a Bug Scorpion with two engines in the garage, a second Bug and a Track Magic. In short, the history of USA karting. Finally, against the wall, a German Taifun he had found in… Peru. Beer, barbeque, racing stories… I was already more than okay when his neighbour arrived. The chat moved on to vintage cars, the Aston Martin that I was restoring at the time, the Mille Miglia and Mike (I think his neighbour was called Mike), it turned out that he had the grille of a Ferrari 212.

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