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TKART magazine Editorial | The secret Nico Rosberg (in his karting days) told by Dino Chiesa
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Luca Barnaba
05 March 2022

The 2016 F1 world champion as you've never seen him before. Through the anecdotes (which are about destroyed hotel rooms, prostitutes and ... Much more!) of those who knew him well, before he became a star.


After winning the Formula 1 world championship in 2016 and retiring from racing at the end of that season, Nico Rosberg left the role of driver to become an entrepreneur-influencer. In recent years, the former Mercedes driver has been involved in various fields, such as the promotion of projects aimed at environmental sustainability, the creation of teams that participate in international electric racing series (such as the Rosberg X Racing team in the Extreme E) and the publication on social networks of vlogs, track analyses and stories and about his life and memories. Basically ... About what Nico Rosberg is today, you know or can find out everything. But to know who Nico Rosberg was before F1, world triumph and fame, you have to rely on the stories of the people who saw him grow and take his first steps in karting, people who know him well, like few others.
Dino Chiesa is one of them.
A prominent figure in the world of karting, founder of Kart Republic, over the years he has been the manager and mentor of some of the prospects, who later became undisputed stars, in karting and beyond, including: Alex Zanardi, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Lewis Hamilton and ... Nico Rosberg.
There are several “stories” about Nico's karting period, above all regarding the start of his friendship-rivalry with Lewis Hamilton (another phenomenon of that generation), but very little is said about who (and how) the young Nico was.

Son of one of the "pioneers" of karting, Otello Chiesa began his adventure as a mechanic in 1984, in CRG. He was among the managers of DAM Racing and, later, team manager of MBM, where he guided the young Hamilton and Rosberg. In 2004 the long adventure with the Zanardi brand started. He is now the founding manager of the Kart Republic brand.

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