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TKART magazine First Analysis | AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport, the action camera specifically for the motorsport kart
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AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport, the action camera specifically for the motorsport kart

Jacopo Colombo
21 September 2022 • 7 min. read
More compact and lighter than the previous models of the Italian company, thanks to the perfect synchronization between images and collected data, it promises to raise the analysis of performance on the track to a previously unknown level. But is all this worth an expense that varies between 800 and 846 Euros (excluding VAT)?

SmartyCam 3 Sport is the new AiM action camera specifically dedicated to motorsport. Launched in mid-2022, it is a major evolutionary step in terms of size, weight, video resolution (and much more) compared to the previous model, the SmartyCam 2 Rev. 2.1. The 3 Sport version has an external structure made of nylon 6 reinforced with 30% glass on which an aluminium cover is attached only at the front. It is also more compact (79.9 x 54 x 46.5 mm) and lighter (200 gr, internal battery included). The casing is designed to withstand all the stresses typical of track activities (including penetration by drops, vapours, splashes and jets of water in any direction, since it is IP65 certified).
On the front we find [1] the lens, available in two versions, with a 67° or 84° field of view (FOV). It is important to underline that this component is not interchangeable or modifiable, so it is necessary to choose the field of view that you prefer when you purchase it. It is different for the protective glass made of sapphire, which despite having been produced to withstand the blows that occur at high speeds (gravel, small stones, insects ...), can be replaced in case of breakage, for about 30 Euros (shipping costs excluded), by sending the product to customer service. On the left side we find [2] a wheel which has the task of quickly hooking and [2b] unhooking the door where the memory is inserted. In fact, SmartyCam 3 Sport does not have a built-in storage space, but records images on microSD, whose compatible cards can reach up to a maximum of 2 TB.

Above an example of a shot taken with the lens with a 67° field of view - Below, with a field of view of 84°.
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