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First Analysis | Set-up Carburetor, the software that helps you find the right carburetion with float bowl/pin car...

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14 July 2021

Developed by the Italian company NT-Project, it guides kart drivers in the calibration of the most popular needle carburetors. We didn’t try it out materially, but we studied how it works, the different versions available, the prices… And we tell you all about it in this article


Carburetor calibration clearly affects the performance of karts. In particular, in float bowl carburetors, as we have seen in the article “The manual for the tug of the CARBURETOR DELLORTO VHSH 30”, there are many elements that affect the operation of the carburetor: from removable components (i.e. those that can be replaced, like the conical pin, the pulverizer, the maximum and minimum float valve needle, the gas valve and the float) up to the different external factors such as the type of engine used, the weather and track conditions and the driving characteristics of the driver. Considering the amount of variables involved, to make the most of the potential of your engine without affecting its reliability in too lean mixing conditions, it is quite natural to understand why the calibration of a float bowl carburetor is one of the most complicated and, at the same time, most important operations in the development of a kart. Precisely with this in mind, to help those with less experience or to optimise the work of the most experienced, Set-up Carburetor, the software created by the Italian company NT-Project, was developed. The manufacturer defines it as “the most professional tool on the market” and it has been developed based on the two fundamental aspects that affect carburetion:
– the fluid dynamic behaviour of each carburetor circuit
– the dynamic demand of the engine at different stages of use.
In addition, the calibration indications that the software provides take into account the different environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) and those of the track.
Set-Up Carburetor has been developed for the most popular models of float bowl carburetor used in combination with the engines used in the most successful classes:
– KZ, Shifter, 125cc shifter…
– Baby
– ROK by Vortex
– Rotax
– X30 by Iame
– Kart Grand Prix BMB by Birel Art
– Champion kart
– Superkart

The software is supplied in 4 different versions:
– Basic
– Professional
– Experience
– Power
as well as an extra version, Analysis, intended for specific functions.
The 4 versions have increasing functionalities and prices. The latter also vary according to class/engine: for example, the Set-Up Carburetor Basic for KZ karts costs 159 euros, while the one for the Rotax starts from 59 euros.
Once purchased, the software is downloaded from the NT-Project site and can be installed on any computer running Windows. The purchase includes total support from NT-Project during installation and the initial use phases of the software as well as the possibility to make 2 installations as well as a reinstallation within 24 months of purchase in case of PC failure.
The purchase can only be made through the website which is perhaps the most antimodern, complicated and objectively ugly website currently on internet. An aesthetic and functional restyling of the site would undoubtedly make the product more attractive as well.

Set-Up Carburetor is available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

Support and Help are available in the following languages: Italian and English.

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