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First Analysis | Lynx: the new Super Low Volume wheels, made of magnesium, manufactured by AMV

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10 September 2021

They are made of magnesium alloy AZ91 and are subject to the particular OXiTECH treatment, like most of the Italian company’s models. However, they have something that distinguishes them from all the others: their particular design allows them to keep a minimum amount of air inside the tyre. Which totally benefits tyre pressure management


Lynx is the new model of wheels (which debuted on the market in 2021) made by AMV. Made, like all the other products of the Italian manufacturer, with a particular technique of low-pressure casting, which is an innovation in the world of karting wheels. It is in fact a totally different model from the previous ones, from various points of view.
But let’s start with the points in common with the rest of the AMV range.
Lynx wheels are made of magnesium, in particular one of its alloys is used, called AZ91. The low-pressure casting performed by AMV ensures that it is possible to obtain a high-quality finished product, because it gives a greater compactness of the material and eliminates the presence of air in the material, an element that would weaken the structure. All this makes it possible to create wheels that offer a better heat exchange that results in a more constant tyre pressure.
Like all AMV magnesium wheels, the Lynx are also finished with OXiTECH treatment: to overcome the oxidation of the wheel, usually avoided with chromatization, which however has a limited duration in time, particular plasma electrolytic anodizing has been studied that gives greater protection to magnesium from corrosion and wear. This process creates, on the surface of the circle, a very thin layer of mineralized and compacted oxide, which also gives greater hardness and strength.
The Lynx has mainly introduced two new features: the [1] shape of the rubber housing and the [2] external shape of the wheel (pneumatic side), called Super Low Volume. Regarding the first aspect, it has been designed to facilitate the assembly of tyres, thanks to a “softer” design, which favours their installation. The second point, however, concerns the volume of air that tyres are able to accommodate. Being a Super Low Volume wheel, the Lynx is designed to contain as little as possible, to limit the increase in pressure inside the tyre to a minimum.
Lynx model wheels have two different purchase options: you can buy each wheel individually at a price (including VAT) of 124.43 Euros (front wheel) and 132.21 Euros (rear) . In this case you have to buy a minimum of 2 pieces. Otherwise, you can buy an entire set for 513.27 Euros.

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