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TKART magazine How To | Basic guide to data analysis using aim race studio 3 software
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08 May 2021
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In regard to data acquisition systems for karts, let's make it clear, the world is divided into three macro groups of users.
There are those who buy a dashboard and just look at lap times, exhaust gas and water temperatures, split times and engine revolutions on small LCD screens.
Then there are those who, with a mania for monitoring everything (as if adding sensors to a kart would automatically lower the lap time) buy all types of sensors, from those for the temperature of the tyres to those on steering wheels and pedals, but then they don't know what to do with them (by the way: if you want some tips on which sensors to buy, read “Expert advice - Data acquisition for karts: which sensors should you buy?”).
Finally, there are the most “daring”, those who download the data collected by the acquisition system to a computer or tablet (depending on the acquisition system you have) and analyse, study and process it using special software.
The latter case is the only approach to the world of "data logging" that really allows you to improve your driving style and better analyse the parameters collected by the GPS system included in the dashboard as well as by the various sensors installed on a kart.
To understand how to take the first steps in this direction, we have examined one of the most popular data acquisition systems, the AiM MyChron5s, and the related PC software that allows you to display, manage and examine all the numerous data that the MyChron5s records. The software is called Race Studio 3 and the brand-new Beta version, still partially under development, allows you to analyse all the information collected during track sessions and put them in sync with the images recorded by the Smartycam HD Rev.2.1, the stabilised camera with integrated accelerometer. It must be said that it takes experience to use software of this complexity to its full potential. This is why we have described the main activities to be carried out to become familiar with a data acquisition system.
First you need to connect to the AiM website, go to the SW/FW download section and, next to the software you are interested in, in this case Race Studio 3 with Analysis 3 included (the latest software evolution at the time of writing this article, editor’s note), click on the "download page" button. The software in question can be used with all available AiM TECH dashboards, even the older ones. The only difference is that the new MyChron5s allows you to download data to your PC directly via Wi-Fi while the previous dashboards required you to connect via cable or download the data on a special key. Another element to bear in mind is that AiM TECH software works only on 64-bit Windows systems and not on Mac. Therefore, amateur kart drivers who have a computer with the "Apple" logo, must create a system partition or use a virtual machine that runs 64-bit Windows to use it.
This table shows the compatibility of the software on Windows systems based on the version you have.
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