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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 accessories for kart axles
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Max Bernardi
23 December 2020
The kart axle, as explained in the article in the TKART Technique channel "The axle", plays an important role in the set-up because it compensates for the absence of suspensions and differential in karts compared to cars. At first glance it may seem like a simple tube, but there are different aspects of the axle that need to be looked after: this is why we recommend four accessories to extend the life-cycle of axles and ensure their correct bending.


One of the most laborious activities to change the set-up of a kart is the replacement of the axle. To remove it, as explained in the step-by-step guide "Replacing a kart axle" by Dr. TKART, you need to remove all the chassis accessories fastened to the axle. When it is time to remove the axle from the bearings, a common mistake is to use a hammer, which ruins the edge of the axle, making subsequent reassembly difficult. To remove the axle without damaging it, just use the "axle extractor" which has a Teflon base that protects the edges and allows you to use a hammer without causing damage.

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