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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 smartphone applications and accessories for karting
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17 February 2023 • 4 min. read
That a smartphone, if necessary, from a simple telephone can be transformed into a photo/video camera or music player with a click is well known to all. However, that, with the right accessories and special applications, it can also become a useful tool for a kart driver, maybe is not so obvious. We had already touched on the topic in this "Must have". Today we offer you a wider choice of four useful ideas. As always, we are also waiting for the intervention of the TKART community which, through the "contributions" at the end of the article, can enrich this selection of accessories/apps with more ideas. Always keeping in mind, in order not to generate illusions or wrong messages, one aspect: a professional product dedicated exclusively to a particular function useful in karting (a data logger, a pyrometer…), perhaps with a purchase price of a few hundred Euros, precisely due to the fact that it was specifically developed for the karting sector will be difficult to replace with an app or an accessory to be applied to a smartphone, costing just a few Euros.


LapSnap is the application, compatible with the AiM MyChron 5s (to learn more read, “First Analysis | AiM MyChron5S, the data logger that detects… Everything!”) and with GoPro cameras with GPS enabled (MAX models and from Hero 5 black onwards), which allows you to download and read the data collected on the track directly on your smartphone. The download of the collected information is carried out via WI-FI and includes the following: speed, G-force (acceleration, deceleration and lateral). If, on the other hand, the data is downloaded from a Mychron 5s dashboard, it also includes: RPM, gear change and operating temperatures if the relative probes are installed on the kart. Furthermore, and this is a really interesting feature, the developers have thought of creating a real community. In fact, if someone has lapped faster than you on the same track and uploaded his/her time to the application, you can compare the two telemetries. Also included is a feature to memorize the setup matched to the recorded lap. LapSnap is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices and is available in two versions: one free and the other for payment (about 9 Euros per month) which also allows you to record an unlimited number of sessions, automatically compare different laps of the same session and much more.

Indicative price

Free (basic version); 9 euro per month (complete version)

Download: Android, iOS
Photo credit: AppStore
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