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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 tools (and tricks) to best manage a set of used tires.
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Jacopo Colombo
09 May 2023 • 6 min. read
Among the expenses that weigh most heavily on the annual budget that each driver must allocate to karting, there is undoubtedly that relating to tires. Tires, in fact, in addition to playing a crucial role in performance, are among the kart’s most wear-prone components. There will be times when you will have no other choice but to reach into your wallet and purchase a new set of tires: either because the ones you have been using up to that point are too worn or because the championship to which you are participating in requires the use of a particular type (and brand) of tires or, again, simply because your goal is to win, at any cost. When, on the other hand, the stopwatch is not that important, employing used tires can lighten your budget, helping you to enjoy karting while having far from brand new components. To do this, however, it is necessary to dedicate time and attention to proper tire management as well as having the right tools. In this “Must have”, we list five products that can help all kart drivers obtain good performance while extending the life of used tires. What about you? Do you know or adopt other practices or products? Indicate them in the “Contributions” section at the end of the article!


As we will see later in this article, tires are sensitive to certain substances with which they may come into contact. These certainly include liquids that are normally used in practice sessions, such as lubricants, solvents and gasoline. For this reason, when transporting tires, perhaps in the trunk of the car or on the trailer attached to your vehicle (thus in confined spaces where they are often in contact with all the other materials useful for spending a day at the track), it is good practice to store them in a special bag that can isolate them from the surrounding environment. With this in mind, we have taken into consideration a product capable of holding up to 4 tires and made of polyamide nylon, a waterproof and tear-resistant fabric.

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